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(77) [Page lxiii] - List of abbreviations

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(77) [Page lxiii] - List of abbreviations
.4. Army.
A. and S.H. Argyll and Sutherland, High-
A.A. & Q.M.G. Assistant Adjutant and
Quarter- Master-General.
A.A.G. Assistant Adjutant-General.
Ab. Able seaman.
Abd. Aberdeen.
Abs. Abstract.
Acad. Academy.
Accts. Accounts.
Act. Acting.
A.D.C. Aide-de-Camp.
Add. MS., BM. Additional Manuscripts in
the British Museum.
Adj. Adjutant.
Adjtc)'. Adjutancy.
Adm. Admiral.
Adm. Admiralty.
A.H.C. Army Hospital Corps.
A.L. Army List.
A.M.D. Army Medical Department.
A.M.S. Army Staff.
Apothy. Apothecary.
.ipplns. Applications.
Appt. Appointment.
Apptd. Appointed.
A.Q.M.G. Assistant Quarter Master-General.
Art. Artillery.
Assem. Assembly.
Aux. Auxiliary.
b. born.
bap. baptised.
Barr. Barrister.
Batn. Battalion.
B.C.S. Bengal Civil Service.
Bk. Book.
Bo.S.C. Bombay Staff Corps.
Brig. Brigade.
Brig. Gen. Brigadier-General.
Bt. Brevet.
bttr. buried.
Cal. Calendar.
Capt. Captain.
Carr. Carriage.
Cav. Cavalry.
Certif. Certificates.
Ch. Church.
C. in C. Commander-in-Chief.
C.M.S. Church Missionary Society.
Col. Colonel.
Coll. College.
com. commission.
Com. Commissariot.
comd. commanded.
comd?^. commanding.
Comdr. Commander.
Comdt. Commandant.
Commiss. Commissary.
Commisst. Commissariat.
Compass. Compassionate.
Comr. Commissioner.
corpl. corporal.
corresp. correspondence.
C.S. Civil Service.
d. died.
Deputy Assistant Adjutant-Gen-
D.A.C.G. Deputy Assistant Commissary-
D.A.Q.M.G. Deputy Assistant Quarter-
D.A. & Q.M.G. Deputy Adjutant and
dau. daughter.
Dep. Deputy.
Dgns. Dragoons.
Dir. Director.
Dist. District.
Div. Division.
D.N.B. Dictionary of National Biography.
D.Q.M.G. Deputy Quarter-Master-General.
D.S. District Superintendent.

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