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1469- line 12, before "Brother" read, "d. suddenly, 1913, Apr. 11, at
Threave, Castle Douglas (Times, Apr, 12): portrait and biography, Kirk-
cudbrightshire Advertiser, Apr. 18".
1533- last line, add, "Z). 1913, Feb. 20, at Carter's Hotel, London".
1569- line 47 delete "Fourth", line 11, add, "Nephew of Alexander,
183, John, 949, and Peter, 1153".
1604. line II, read " 1863 " for " 1869 "; and read " Nice " for " Pau ".
1658- last line, add, "See 2054". "
1662- line 14, delete "Fourth".
1696. line 6, before the word "Kinsman," read, " He came to Scotland
apparently to settle this service, for on 1783, Sep. 13, ' Fabian Gordon, Colonel
of Horse, Carolus Gordon [1782?], Major of Foot, Stefanus Dziembowski,
Captain of Foot, all in his Polish Majesty's service, and Joseph Bukat)',
Esq., Secretary to the Polish Embassy at London, were made members
of Lodge St. David, Edinburgh, No. 36, in the order above named, vv'hen the
ceremony was performed and translated into Latin, as none of them under-
stood English,' (Information from Mr. Adam Muir Mackay)."
1712- last line, read " Sheriffmuir " for " Sherriffmuir ".
1733- line 24, read " Cowsie " for " Cowrie ".
1738. last line, add, " He was probably a son of John, yr. of Avochie,
who got sasine on Millegin, in Grange, and who was the son of Harry, of
Braco, and Marie Ogilvie. Nisbet {Heraldry, ii. App., 230) says James Gordon
of Gordonbank, Berwickshire, was 'the eldest son of James Gordon of New-
tack, [who ?] was second son of John Gordon of Avochie". Cf. 1716, 1770-"
1795- add last line, " An enthusiastic account of Gordon, especially as a
Roman Catholic, is given in (Johann George) Korbs Dinrintit Itineris in
Muscoviam und Quellen : by Friedrich Dukmeyer (Berlin : Ebering's His-
torical Studies, 1909), vol i., pp. 215-233".
1820- last line on p. 466, read " 1796" for "1797". A second
version of the Highmore portrait appeared in The Graphic, 1913, Mar. 8.
1936. last line, add, " D. igi2, Nov. 28, at Okolona, Miss. ; he had Robert,
James, and Annie, Mrs. Barrow [Boston Evening Transcript, 1912, Nov. 9)".
2081- line II, after 1770, add, " 1745, Jul. 27, joined the Society of
Advocates in Aberdeen" (Henderson's Society of Advocates, 205).
2152. line 6, Charles Gordon was not the last of the male line of the
Gordons of Glenbucket. The last direct male Gordon of Glenbucket was
his first cousin, the Very Rev. Dean William Gordon, a Roman Catholic
priest, who died at GreenocK, 1880, Dec. 15. Charles Gordon, on the other
hand, died at St. Bridget, Tomintoul, 185 1, Sep. 12.

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