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1915- Substitute for lines 1-3 the following — " 1861, joined the ist
Minnesota Vols, and fought in Civil War; wounded at Edwards' Ferry,
Sep. 8, being discharged for ' disability,' Dec. i. On returning home, helped
to recruit 2nd Minnesota Battery, but owing to his ' disability ' was denied a
'muster in,' as senior ist Lt. Major Gen., in command of State troops in
Siou.x War, in which he writes, ' I neither distinguished nor extinguished
myself, for I didn't have the opportunity : I did, however, capture an old
squaw and two papooses' (Letter to J. M. Bulloch, 1912, Aug. 25)'. Last
line, read, "Angeles" for " Angelos ". Add, "Wrote Indian Legends and
other Poems (Salem Press Co., Salem, Mass., 1910, pp. viii, 406), with portrait ;
in. Sylvia Smith, Englishwoman, and had Ada Byron (Mrs. Hedderly) ;
Huntly Lenno.x ; Mary Louisa (Mrs. Brassey) and William Wallace."
1941- line 8, for " great-great-grandson " read " great-grandson ".
2058- add, " Possibly 139a," new entry as above.

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