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(65) Page lv - Additions and corrections
14. add, " Possibly 16a ".
16a. Alexander. Capt., his memorial dated 1709, Jul. 4, refers to
his long and faithful sufferings, particularly at the battle of Landen, where he was disabled by
the loss of both his leggs. His Majesty King William was graciou.sly pleased to allow him a
pension of ;£5o a year payable out of the funds of the Army in Scotland, and yet ever since the
happy Union of the two Kingdoms, he has had no allowance, nor as yet put upon the establish-
Memorial referred to Lord High Trea.surer (S.P. Dom., Entry Books, Peti-
tions, 244, P.R.O.). Possibly I4.
18a. 1716, Capt., "a gallant gentleman," comd. "the whole fleet and
near 2000 men of Land Forces," sent from Bombay in 1716 against the
Raja of Karwar (south of Goa), who had looted a wrecked merchant ship
of Sural. Gordon, having drawn up a hollow square, received a shot "which
went through the uppermost part of his left breast". His successor in com-
mand bungled the defence (Clement Downing's Compendious History of the
Indian Wars, 1737, p. 17). 1717, Apr., in an attack on the pirate chief
Angria's stronghold of Geriah (Vijayadurg, 170 miles south of Bombay), "the
gallant Capt. Gordon " was again wounded (ibid., p. 28). Possibly 19.
72. read, " Albert Edward " for " A. E." ; line 2, add " Boyes " after
"Olive " ; line 3, add, " Son of Sir Henry William, 653"-
76- line 8, read "Corny." for " Comp." ; line 9, read " S.C. " for "s.c."
87a. Adam. 1660, Dec, petitioned the King, refers to his deceased
father's services, and continues
Your Petitioner had no sooner strength for action, but did inherit his father's loyalty by serving
his late Majestic under the command of the Lord Marquis of Montrose and the Marquis of
Huntly, who was beheaded at Edinburgh, upon account of his Majestie's service, and by
serving your Majestic under the command of the Earles of Glencarne and Middleton [1653-4]
commissioned by your Majestic, as shall be evidenced by the severall certificates to be pro-
duced; whereby, by great sufferings and losses sustained by your Petitioner and his father, the
small fortune he doth inherit is altogether ruined, and your Petitioner himself is brought to
great straits, not having a competent livelyhood or subsistence, and so will be forced to
abandon his native country unless your Majestic of your Royal bounty and favour be pleased
to prevent the same.
Iv h

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