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SO that the debt due by the Club to Mrs. Skelton is a very heavy one
regarded from every point of view.
The Continent of Europe.
The List of Gordons in the Services of Europe entirely compiled by
the Editor of The House of Gordon, includes 2ig officers and men, of
whom ninety-four are quite unidentified, and of whom sixteen also figure
in the Home Services and two in the Jacobite risings of 171S and
1745. They are apportioned as follows : —
This muster roll, however, cannot be considered complete, for, ex-
cept in the case of France and Holland, we have no regular registers
to fall back upon. In lieu of these we have the odds and ends of history
written by Scotsmen themselves, notably Sir Robert Gordon's Earldom
of Sutlievland, but such books record only the men who were worth
recording. Among the main sources of information are the following : —
France. — The Scots Men-at-Arms and Life Guards in France, from their formation until
their final dissolution, mccccxviii-mdcccxxx. By William Forbes-Leith, S.J. : with etched
plates by Major H. de Grandmaison. Edinburgh, William Paterson, 1882: 4to ; vol. i. pp.
xiv, 195 ; vol. ii. pp. 232.
HoLL.AND. — Papers illustrating the History of the Scots Brigade in the Service of the
Netherlands, 1572-1782, extracted by permission from the Government Archives at the Hague,
and edited by James Ferguson [of Kinmundy], Edinburgh, Scottish History Society, i8gg ;
3 vols., 8vo. [The information here has been supplemented by several letters from Prof. Kramer,
" Director of H.M.'s Private Archives."]
Denmark and Sweden. — Monro, His Expedition, with the Worthy Scots Regiment
(called MacKeyes Regiment), levied in August, 1626, by Sr. Donald MacKey, Lord Rhees
[sic], Colonell for his majesties service of Denmark, and reduced after the battaile of Nerling
to one Company in 1634 at Wormes, in the Paltz : collected and gathered together at spare-
houres by Colonell Robert Monro, at first Lievetennant under the said Regiment to the Noble
and Worthy Capitaine, Thomas MacKenyee of Kildon, brother to the noble Lord, the Lord
Earle of Seafort ; for the use of all Worthie Cavaliers favouring the laudable profession of
arms. London, printed by William Jones in Red-Crosse Streete, 1637. [A tantalisingly
" throughither " production.]

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