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into Inglaiid, qnho ar gillie of Uio llawclilor of my \iiclo, tiio Piovell of
Drumfreis. As your majodic lias ever beiii willing to liaive that inurdour
perfecute, and all vikettnes quliamfumeuer fupprefTitt, lb now do I mod
humblie intreitt your hines letteris to Sir Wil3ame Phennik, Sir Wil3anie
Selbio, and to the Bifchop of Kairlell for apprehending thos too fugitiffe
and bUidie limberis; and being apprehenditt to be fent in Scotland to
relfaitt their punichmcnt wher the mm-dour wes committed. Thair naims
ar Fergus Ghrame callitt ' the plump,' and David Jonfloune callitt ' ikal-
litt Davie.' Iff thair be ony thing quherin I kan do your hines fervic, I
do expec your majefties imploymente, quhervnto I fchall carrie mofb re-
fpec than to my awin cheiffeft blude. Moll humbhe killing your hines
hand, I tak mv leif; and riftis, etc.
'■ Your majellies molt faifhfuUo
" Oxfurde, 30 of and humble fervilour,
" Mai], 1G08. Hereis.
" To his mort excellent Majeilie."
Joiix eigJit/i Loud Heuries, who, it must be admitted, was
indisputably at least the coutinuator, if he canuot be proved to
have been the author, of the original Memoirs, succeeded his
lather, who is conjectured by Wood to have died about 1627.*
In the year 1667 he succeeded to the Earldom of Nithsdale, and
the Lordship of Maxwell, which were added to his paternal
estates and title of Herries,t &c. The history of this nobleman,
and the misfortunes of his descendants, who were all zealous
adherents of the House of Stuart, are too well known, as matter
of public history, to require any further remark. Some plausible
arguments might be urged for his having been the author of
these Memoirs; but as it must be confessed that the subject is
still involved in considerable doubt and obscurity, the reader is
* IVood's Peerage, II. 320. f Il>.

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