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volume which is now preparing for the !Maitland Chib,* under
the editorship ot" Joseph Stevenson, Esquire, no very flattering
character has been given of his Lordsliip, in a confidential letter
addressed by Sir Nicholas Throckmorton to Secretary Cecil;!
but it appears to be clear, from the following quotation, that these
able statesmen equally stood in awe of his influence and abilities,
and that they considered him to have been wholly incorruptible,
and one who was diametrically opposed to the policy of Queen
" The lord Herryes ys the connynge horfleache and the wyl'ell of the
wholle facSlion; but as the queue of Scotland fayethe of hym, there ys
no bodye can be fure of hym; he takethe pleafure to beare all the worlde
in hande ; we have good occafyon to be well ware of hym. Sir, yow re-
member how he handled us when he delyvered Dunfryfe, Carlaveroke,
and the Harmytage, into our handes; he made us beleave all fliould be
ours to the Fyrthe, and when wee trulled hym befl, how he helped to
chafe us awaye I am fure you have not forgotten. Hecre amongefl hys
owne countreymen he ys noted to be the moofl cautelous man of liys
natyon. It may lyke yow to remember he fuffred hys owne hoftages,
the hoflages of the lard of Loughanver and Garles, hys nexte neyghboures
and frendes, to be hanged for promefle broken by him. Thys muche I
fpeake of hym, becaufe he ys the lykelyefl and moofl dangerous man
to inchaunte yow."
A characteristic letter of Lord Herries also occurs in the
above-mentioned Collection, which was addressed by him to
Throckmorton, during the period of Mary's imprisonment at
Lochleven, soliciting him to procure the interference of Queen
Elizabeth ; and it has hctn thought proper to insert a copy of it
Scotland; and it is understood that an Indox has been prepared by the individual who was
employed to maive the transcript, for facilitating reference to the whole Collection.
• Illustrations of Scottish History, the contribution of Kirkuian Fiulay, Esquire.
t August 20, 15G7, from Addit. MS. 412G, No. G5, p. 282.

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