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M'Jische, mackerel ?
Maisis, mace.
Malvesetum, malvoisie.
Manutergia, napkins.
Merlingis, whitings.
Merlingis aridi, dried whitings.
Merlingis estiviales, perhaps fresh whit-
Merte, marts, beeves commonly killed
at Martinmas.
Merta herbalis, a grass mart.
Merta recens, a fresh mart.
Merta salsa, a salt mart.
Merta salsa Orchadensis, a salt mart of
Muir pouttis, young moor fowls.
Mulo, cod.
Mulo aridus, dried cod.
Mulo recens, fresh cod.
Mulones corf? p. 141.
Multura, multure.
Murlzeonis, the angler, a fish.
Musculus, the mussel.
Mtisquedale, muscatel wine.
Muto, mutton, a sheep.
Mutones boukis, sheep carcases.
Nasitergium, a handkerchief.
Nektotcellis, napkins.
Nuces, nuts.
Nucimugatis, nutmegs.
Obsequiu, funeral obsequies.
Olium, oil.
Ordeum, barley.
Ostria, oysters.
Ostria aperta, opened oysters.
Ostria testacea, oysters in the shell.
Padil, the lump fish.
Pago, p. 21. perhaps for pavo.
Panetria, the pantrv-
Panes, loaves.
Panes €quium,(panis equinus, jYioviQ bread.
Panes in dominico, finest bread.
Panes in secundo, coarser bread.
Parapsides, dishes.
Parapsides stannee, pewter dishes.
Parassaphe, Good Friday.
Pastilli, pasties.
Pastillus nubilus "/ p. 180.
Peonarius, a pynor or iabourer.
Pccten, the scallop.
Pecten aque dulcis, fresh water mussel.
Pecteti marinus, sea scallop.
Pectines turbonis ^ Ap. p. 15.
Pedes bovini, ox feet.
Pedes ovium, (pedes ovini,) sheep feet.
Pellok, the porpoise.
Perches, perch.
Petra, a stone weight.
Phocus, a seal.
Pincta, a pint.
Pinator, p. 8t!. perhaps a pynor or

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