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Batterin, p. 137, 232, paste ?
Birrum, beer.
Bolla, a boU measure.
Bottdla? p. 101, lf)8.
Brasiator, a brewer.
Brasium, malt.
Brass, a kind of fish.
Bro7ioscopi, flounders ?
Brokatis marine 9 Ap. 16.
BukeSf buckies, buccinum undatum.
BiUelaria, the buttery.
Buter', the bitteni.
Caid sprottis ? p. 31.
Candelabre enee, brass candlesticks.
Canubium, canvas.
Capita vitulorum, calves heads.
Capo, a capon.
Capones pasti, fat capons.
Caput apri, a boar's head.
Carcagium, a carcase.
Carnisprevium, Lent.
Cattus marinus, the cat-fish or wolf-fis.h.
Ce/dra, a chalder, a measure.
Cenapium, niustard.
Capultrie? Ap. 27.
Cepum, suet.
Cervisia, ale.
Cervisia taberne, tavern ale.
Cetus, a whale.
Chandria, chandlery.
Charcjeouris, chargers.
Cherite, the refuse of corn.
Chopina, a chopin, a quart.
Ciconia, the herori ?
Ciconii, swans ?
Ciconii marini, sea swans ?
Cigmis, a swan, perhaps cygnet.
Cinamommn, cinnamon.
Ciphus, a cup.
Cipharius, the keeper of the cups.
Circulus, a hoop.
Claik, the barnacle.
Claretum, claret wine.
Clowis, cloves.
Codlingis, codiings.
Collecturia ? p. 68.
Conche, cockles.
Conchilium, perhaps the same.
Confectis, comfits.
Congureil, conger-eel.
Conturnix, the -water-rail, ptrhaps tlie
Cophurd, cupboard.
Cophurd claithis, cupboard cloths.
Cost merte, the side of a mart.
Cremeclaith ? p. 70.
Crocus, safiron.
Crunans, the grey gurnard.
Cunchs, cockles.
Cuniculus, a rabbit.
Dactulus, a date.
Dieta, a dav ; a diary.

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