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and comptrollar may wele be furnist for perfurnessing of all sic
thingis quhilkis pertenis thame to do, And that in tymes cum-
ing [thai] sall haue na cause to complenye bot in thare awne
defalt and negligence." '
It is to be feared that the efForts occasionally made to intro-
duce a systematic and rigid economy into the Royal expenses
were scarcely more efieetual. In 1525, soon after the Queen
Dowager and the Douglases, had taken the place of Albany in
the government of the Kingdom and the custody of the young
King, we find it recorded in the Books of Parliament, that
" Robert Bertoun of Ovirberntoun comptroller schew how the
expense of the Kingis houshald is risin sa gret that his propirtie
may nocht beir the samin, and daly apperis to rise gretar becaus
na ordour is put therto be the lordis havand auctoritie of the
samin ; certifying to the lordis forsaid, that without thai pro-
uidit sum gud ordour and reule to his houshald it is nocht possi-
ble that his Grace may be sustenit to his honour as efferis." '
Numerous regulations followed in that Parliament regarding
the form of the Royal Household, and the persons who should
compose it ; and it is probable that to this period, and to the
same Comptroller, is to be ascribed the commencement of the
separate formal Record of the expenses of the Boyal House-
hold ; at least we have no evidence of its existence of an earlier
date than the commencement of the imperfect series of volumes
which still exist, extending from 1525 to 1553.
1 Act. Parl. 1540, c. 13. ' Penult. July 1525.

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