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Holy Ordinanceis of God, quliairby we are commandit to gif all dew obed5'ence to our fuperioris.
And as I I'tliew vnto your 11., my comeing to this hurgli the tynie of the Parliament wcs vpone a meere
neceltitie, and to efchew the danger of horneing, quhairwitii I wes threattned, for xxij merkis. And
dureing tiie fuhorte tyme of my aboade heir, whilk wes not xxxvj liouris, I fpak not with a Parlia-
ment man, except the Lord Kilfayth ^ whome I employed to be cautioner for me; and had no kynd
of medling with the affairis of the Parliament, becaus thay concerneit me not ; bot keipit my felft'
very quyet till my away-going. And dureing the tyme of my Warding in the Cajiell of Ed'', my
cariage wes fo modeil, calme, and peceabill, withoute medling with thir matteris of the Kirk now
in queftioun, as I hoip nothing can be obiectit vnto me. And yf ins Ma^'" wald be gratiouflie
pleallt to fuffer me fpend the inw remanent of my aigeit and weyryfome dayes at my awne houfe, I
wilbe veirie glaid and willing to be perpetuallie confynned thair, and tua myllis thairaboute ; and I fall
neuir tranfcend that boundis, nor medle with ony matter concerneing the pollicie and governement of
THE Kirk. Moll huniblie befeiking your 11. to liaif confideratioun of this my eflate ; and outher be
your felffis, or be your intercedioun at ms Maiesteis handis, to grant me fome eafe and releiff in this
heavie charge layed vpoune me, whilk wilbe ray vtter ouerthrow and wrak. And your 11. anfuer.
(22.) Letter, The Archhijliop of St Andrews" to the Kixg.
Most sacred Soveraxe,
It may pleafe sour mod excellent Ma^'e, I halve feene 50ur Mat'^s directioun fent to the
Earle of Dunbar about Mr David Lyndsaye his intemperance in preachinge. I halve tane
baldnes to give anfuer and avyfe, in maift humble and fubmifle maner. The man vas input ^ be jOur
Ma^'^ vpon my rafche and oft repeited fute. He hes oft done veill aganes the feditious, albeit incon-
flantlie. The vordes he fpak, to my gryt greiff, wer to reprehend 50ur Ma'^'e fo,. toleratioun and
advancinge off Papistes, quha ever foght 50ur Ma^'^s wrak; and this was efter ]iat I had cono-ra-
tulat to the peipill ^our Ma^'es j^jt wonderful! delyverie.* Efter Sermon, I convened the Bailleis,
and Counjall, and fent ]iame to him to querrell him for his vnreverent ufage ; quhilk wrocht this effect
that the daye follovinge he preached ane palinod,^ fa impudentlie flatteringe to jOur Mamies praife,
and vilipendinge all the Princes of Europe be name, in ^our Mamies refpect,^ that all men efteimed he
vas makand penance for the former dayes infolence, with fupererogatioun.
This his foolie" is noeht worthie of ^our Mamies wrathe ; and as for me, I will noclit give advyfe to
honour fick ane * with publict cenfure, at fie ane tyme. I halve advyfed with 5our Mamies moll
trullie fervantis of our focietie, quha thinkes melt to tranfport him, but noyce,^ to a landwart '" Kirk •
and to afiume to me ane " mor vyfe '- and faft,'^ quhilk ^our M. fall fee accomplilTed, but ^our Ma"es
My Lord of Dxmhar lies employed him felff fa faythfullie, eafaldlie,'^ and fortunatlie, in this lait
fervice, that I prefume to advyfe sour Ma"" to give him credit in ^our Ma'^'es fervice, in our grytell
tume, in this Parliament ; for quhatfumever is glanfed to sour ]Ma"e jn the contiaire, is aither paidci
tcrrores, or prevaricatioun.
Sir, I lacke moyen to do quhat I wald in your Ma^'es fervice. I heir, daylie, foule vanities
quhilkis I tliink 1 am called to reprelTe. I want formall rycht and rent. Supplie this. Sir, in this
sour approchinge Court, and than x,e fall nocht neid to wreit hither; but the punifched fall feik thither
toward sour Ma^'e for obteininge pardone. Finallie, sour Mamies erandis in the credit off the Earle
of Dunbar, or of ane off lyk difpofuioun, is heir poffibill and eafie. Non debet fub tali tanfoqice
' Sir William Livingston, one of the Ordinary Lords of Session, who succeeded Sir John Preston, Lord Fenton-
barns, Jun. 6, 1609. His son was created Viscount of Kilsyth and Lord Campsie, by patent, Aug. 17, 1661-
* George Gladstanes, translated from the See of Caithness anno 160G, but not consecrated till anno 1610. Died j\Iav
2, IGIo. ^ Inducted, pu( !n. * From the Earl of Gowiie's Conspiracy. ' Lat. ;)a/Hio(/iu;)i, recantation
after professions of repentance. The term is still used both in the Civil and Ecclesiastical Courts. <• In com-
parison to the King. ' Folly. * Such a one. ' Translate him without bustle or noise. '" To
a country or landward Parish Church. " One, viz. another Minister. '^ Wise. " Steady sure.
" Without hindrance or trouble to your Majesty. '^ Sincerely, without duplicity, (q. d. one-foldly,) in contra-
distinction to iwa-fald, double, deceitful. The word is now nearly obsolete.

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