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perfyt contentment then, and I doubt nott bot itt will do the lyk 5itt ; for vnto thatt refolutioun I ad-
hear both in matter and maner ; and I am leaddie to tellifie the fame, fo oft as his M. pleafes, by my
awin hand wreitt. Sa, luiking that sour honoris fall not be forder trublit in that mater, 1 reft,
3our honoris to be commandit to his povar, in God,
To HIS M. mofl honorable Priuie Consell. Robert Bruce.
(20.) Lettek, 3Ir Robert Bruce to the King.
May it pleis 3our M.
Heiring that my cuming to Aberdeine was interpret to fpring of contempt, I thocht it my bundin
dewtie to purg my felfe to ])e vttermofl thairof, for I compt contempt of God and his Lewtennent Jie
heigheft cryme that is ; And thairfoir, for purgation, I fay, that quhatfoever is done with ane warrand
of God and man can nocht incur ])e fufpition of a contempt, lat be ane aetuall ; and in deid, gif thair
had bene ane prefcription or limitation of tyme in any Licience, I had fail^eit in paffing Jie boundis
thairof; 3ea nocht onlie that, but I avaittit upon ]ie proper tyme quharfoir my Licience wes gevin me,
and tuik J>e benifeit quhen ]ie neceffitie of my infirmitie conftranit me ; and being moir refpectiue than
that, I tuik it nocht quhill the Bischop of Murray brocht me ])e adwyfe of Jie Bischoppis of
Sanct Andros and Glasgow to do fo : And giif I had refauit ]ie meinefl fignification that culd be,
that ]'e imbracing of )ie benifit at that tyme wald nocht ftand with ^our hieness contentment, I wald
mofl glaidlie haiff abftanit thairfra; for I half layed my compt, be GoDis grace, never to involue me
in that giltines. So, to end, thair is no thing done be me quhairfoir my former benifeit fuld be re-
trenchit ; and moft huimlie I creave that 5 our M. cenfure go nocht befoir my procuring, but that my
reparing to Aberdene for my better helth and confort of my wyff and childrin may ftand with 30ur M.
fauor. So refting ever,
3our M. moft hurabill fubiect and orator,
IxDERNES,' ye 20 viij of Merche (1606?) Robert Bruce.
To the Kingis moft excellent Maiestie.
(21.) Supplication, 31r Robert Bruce to the Privy Council.''
My Lordis of Secreit Counsall, vnto your lordfchipis humblie menis and fchawis I, your
feruitour, Mr Robert Bruce, Miuifter, That quhair, the laft day when I wes brocht befoir your 11.,
I wes commandit and ordaneit be ^our 11. to addreffe my felff to the buigh of Innernes, and thair to
remane and within four myllis abute the fame, dureing his Maiesteis will and pleafour ; lykeas, the
tyme for my addrefTe thair daylie approtchis; quhairvnto, althoght I acknawledge my felif bundin in
confcience befoir God and in my alledgeance to the Kingis Maiestie, my Souerane, to gif all dew
obedience, as by Godis grace I mynd neuir to be difibbedyent to his Maiestie or your 11., in ony
of your 11. directionis, in this kynd ; yitt, the indifpofitioun and inhabilitie of my perfone, conioyned
with my grite aige, forceis me humblie to fcliew vnto your 11. how vnable I am to vndertak and to
vnderly fuche a joniay and charge ; ffor I am become lb feible and waik,^ and my aigeit and weyryed''
perfone is fo fai' worne and waifted with greif, cair, and vtheris vifitationis quhairwith it lies pleafit
the Lord in his mercye to chaftice me, that hardlie dow'' I travell any quhair, without haifard of my
lyft': And yf it fall pleas God to vifite me with feiknes, outher at Innernes or be the way, it is not
liklie that I fall onercome'" the fame. And tuotching the imputatioun layed vpoun me, whilk wes the
cans of Ills Ma"'^ offence," and of this hard courfe tane with me, I thank God I wes frie and inno-
cent thairof, and I cleirit my felff of the fame in your 11. prefence, it being a poynt verrie far fra my
profeffioun to be a movair or fteirair* vp of Seditioun, as his Ma'^"^ wes informed of me ; and fra my
hairt I deteaft fuche Seditious practizes, as being moft impious and wicked, and repugnant to the
' Inverness. * It is unsigned, and no deliverance indorsed, but it is evidently the original, having the marks
of tlie ribbon usually passed through Letters and bills, &c., when sealed and sent to a distance. ' Weak.
' Weary ; spent. ' Am I able to travel. ' Survive, recover. ' Displeasure. * Stirrer.

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