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Continuation of No. XVIII. of the General Appendix of
Documents illustratia^e of Gowrie's Conspiracy.
{See Vol. U. pp. 299 to 313.)
AVhen the Editor was in the progress of completing his collection of mate-
rials for illustrating the truth of the Earl of Gowrie's Conspiracy against
King Jajiks VI, one of the Volumes of Sir James Balfour's MSS. had been
misplaced. Since that time, however, the Editor has had the advantage of again
inspecting that truly valuable repertory of historical information, and now sub-
mits a few more of those highly interesting Papers, which, he is happy to notice,
place the conduct of the celebrated 31r Rohert Bruce in a much more favourable
point of view. In justice to the memoiy of that eminent individual, it has been
thought proper to insert them in this Appendix. Throughout the protracted
controversy between Bruce and the King, the latter, obviously, had the worst
of the argument — and tyrannically put down his able but dauntless and perti-
nacious antagonist by a most unlawful stretch of arbitrary power, after he failed
in all his attempts at foiling him with his own weapons.
The relentless persecution of Bruce must, assuredly, be accounted an addi-
tional blemish in the character of King James VI, by every unprejvuliced per-
son. The reader is once more referred to the text, and to the documents and
authorities formerly quoted, in reference to this subject.
(18.) Letter, Mr Bohert Bruce to the King.'
Pleas jOur Maiestie,
Wpon the directione fend to me by 30ur hienes Consell, I tliouclit it meitt be my awin letter to
tefli6e my refolutione to jour M. in tbat mater of Gowrie. jour M. can not be ignorant in quhatt
termes I paffit my refolutioim at Sctnct Jonnesloune? That refolutioun is as jitt extant, fubfcrywitt
be monie honeft vitnefiis. To that refolutioun, botli in mater and manor, I adhear ; and fra it I am
nott myndit to pas, be God Ijis grace. This refolutioun gaue jOur M. perfytt contentment than, and
1 doubt nott bott itt vill do the lyke jitt. So luiking that 5 our Maiesteis fcruple falbe fullie fatif-
fied, in that mater, I reft,
5our M. his moft humble and obedient fubiect.
To HIS Maiestie. Robert Bruce.
(19-) Letter, Mr Bohert Bruce to the Privy Council.^
Pleas jour honoris,
I RECEAWED 50ur Letteris on Setterday the 13 off this inftant; and for fatisfactioune thairoif I
haue directed my Letter, conteining my avin'' refolutioun in that mater, unto his M. My refolutioun
nov is relatiwe to my refolutioun att Sand Junstoun, quhilk vas dyttit^ by his Maiesteis felff, and
fubfcrywet by monie honeft vitneffis (befyd me) quha ar 5 itt hewing. This refolutioun gawe his M.
' From Grig, preserved .-imong the Denmijlne MSS. Adv. Lib. A. 2. 52. No. 25. It is undated. ^ Perth,
having been dedicuted to St John as Patron Saint, was long known by this name. ' From the same Coll.
No. 26 J also undated. * Own. ^ Enditid, comi>osed,

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