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deidis, efpeciallie killing of men, &c. I deferw to be reivin wpon iron hari'owes, and worfe, if it culd
be devyfit I
And quhan we tak away the fruit of cornis, at Lambes,^ we tak an wooll-llieeir, and cuttis or clips
onlie tbrie llakis- of it, and plaitis vtber thrie rudis togither, and fayes,
' We cutt this come in our Lord the Divelus nam,
And we fall haw the fruit of it bam I'
And this tbryfe ower ; and fo we haw the fruit of that field. Ewin fo, quhan we tak keall or the lyk,
&c. And we lay all vp till Yeivll, Pace, or Halie dayes ; and pairtis it among vs, and feaftis on that
Wpon the quhilkis all and fundiie of the premilTes, fwa fpokin and willinglie Confell be the faid
Iffohell Gowdie, I, the laid Johne Innes, Notar publict, baw wretten tiiir prefentis, and with the
Witneffes abow and vnder namet, haw fubfcryuit the famen with our handis, day, nionetii, place, and
yeir abow fett doun.
Joannes Inxes, Notarius Publicus.''
Mr Hart Forbes, Minister of Auld Earn, Attestis.
Hev. Rose, Minister at Nairne, Attestis the foirsaid Declaratioun, as to the principal substantials.
Hew Hat of Newtoun, Attestes. Jo. Weir, in Auldearne, Attestis.
George Phinnie, in Kirkmichael, Attestis.
At Aulderne, the tuantie fevinth day of May, 1662 yeiris. In prefence of Master Harie
Forbes, Minifter at Aulderne; Patrik Campbell of Boath; Mr Allex" Dumbar, Scbool-
mafler and Clerk of the Session of Aulderne ; George Phinney, in Kirkraicbaell ; Hew Hay
of Newtowne; and Johne Weir, in Aulderne; W^itnesses to the Confession oflssoBELL
Gowdie, fpows to Johne Gilbert, in Lochloy.
The faid day, the faid Issobell, profeffing repentance for bir former finnes of Witchcraft, and that
(he had bein ower long in the Divellis fervice ; without ony compulfitouris, proceidit in bir Con-
fession, in maner efter following : That is to fay. I acknowledg, to my great grieff and iham, that
fyftein yeiris iince I denyed Father, Son, and Holie Gost, in the Kirk of Aulderne ; and gaw over
my bodie and fowll to the Divell ; be flanding in the Readeris Dafk of Aulderne, and an blak book
in bis hand : Margret Brodie, in Aulderne, held me wp to the Divell, quhill * I did this, and quliill
he marked me one the Iboulder, and fowked out my blood tbairat, and fpitted it in bis band, and
fprinkled it on my bead, and baptifed me ' Janet,' in bis owin nam. Efter that, he had camall
cowpulatioun with me, in the Neiv IVardis of Injlioeh ; and ftill thairefter, fra tym to tyui, at owr
The names of the Coeven ar thes.^ BeJJie Wiljbne, in Aulderne; Janet Burnet, ther ; Eljpet
Nijliie, ther ; Margret Brodie, ther ; Margret Vilfone, tber ; BeJJIe Hay, ther ; Johne Taylor, in
Belmakeith ; Janet Breadhead, bis fpous ; Barbara Ronald, Ijjbbell Nicoll, in Lochloy ; my felf,
with Jean Mairten, our Maiden; and Johne Young, in Mebeftoun, owr Officer. The names of
owr Divellis, that waited upon ws, ar thes. Firfl, Robert, the Jahis ; Sanderis, the Bead
Beaver; Thomas, theFcarie; Swein, the roaring Lion; Thieffe of Hell, Wait upon hirjelf;
Makhectour ; Robert, the Rule ; Hendrie Laing ; and Rorie. We wold ken them all, on by
' Lammas, 1st August ; Festum S. Petri ad Vincula. ' Stalks ; stems. ' The long Latin clocquet and
motto, before referred to, are annexed. ' Until. ' The principal purpose of this renewed Examination
seems to have been to get a more detailed account of the persons composing her Coevex, &c., besides getting a
solemn Confirmation of her former Declarations; so that the rest of that unhappy Society might in due time be
brought to Trial and punishment.

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