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end of the Toiime of Forres, as he wes coming owt at an gaitt ; Margaret Brodle in Aulderne killed
on David Blah, in Darnvay. Ja7iet Breadhead, fpows to Johne Taylor, told me, a litis befor ibe
wes apprehendit, tbat Margaret Wil/one in Aulderne fliot Alexander Hucheon, in Aulderne ; Janet
Breadheid ibot Johne Falconer, in tbe Park. Tlie moft of ws all wer ther, at tbat tyme. BeJJie
Wilfone killed on William Man, at Burgie ; Margaret Wilfone killed on Johne Lee, and Janet
Breadheid killed a fuyn' at Burgie; Beffie Wilfone in Aulderne, on an firft Monday of tbe Reatb,
took a bagg maid of hairis lieweris,' tbe flelb, guttis and gallis of toadis, naillis of fingeris and toes,
and fwinged it on an young man called Thomas Reid, and be died. Beffie and Margaret Wil/bnes
in Aulderne, Johne Taylor and his wyff, Margrat Brodie and I, and the Divell, wer together, and
Mr Harie Forbes, Minitter at Aulderne, goeing to Moynes. The Divell gaw Margret Brodie an
arrow to ihoot at him, qubilk ibe did ; bot it cam fliort ; and the Divell cawfed tak it wp again. We
defiret to ihoot again, bot the Divell faid, ' No ; we wold not gett bis lyff at that tyme !' The Divell
cawfed me to llioot at the Lairdof Park,^ as be was croceing the Bimie of the Boath ; bot I miffed bim.
We wold goe to feuerall liowffis, in tbe night tym. We wer at Candlmas last in Graingehill,*
quhair we got meat and drink anewgb. The Divell sat at the beid of tbe table, and all tbe Coven
abowt. That night be defmt Alexander Elder, in Earlfeat, to fay the grace befor meat, qubilk he did ;
and is thus :
' We eat tijis meat in the Divellis nam,
With forrow, and fych,^ and meikle Ihame ;
We fall dertroy bows and bald ;
Both Ibeip and noat in till the fald.
Litle good fall come to tbe fore
Of all tbe reft of tbe litle ftoie !'
And than ve began to eatt. And quban ve baid endit eatting, we looked fteadfaftlie to the Divell,
and bowing owrfelwes to him, we faid to the Divell,
' We thank the owr Lord for this !' &c.
The wordis which we fpak, qulian we maid the pictur, for diftroyeing of the Laird of Pa? his meall-
children, wer thus :
' In the Divellis nam, we powr in this water among this mowld (meall,)'
For lang duyning and ill heall ;
We putt it into tlie fyre.
That it mey be brunt both ftik and ftowre.
It falbe brunt, with owr will.
As any ftikle* wpon a kill.'
The Divell taught ws tbe wordis ; and quhan ve liaid learned them, we all fell downe wpon owr
bare kneyis, and owr hair abowt owr eyes, and owr handis lifted wp, looking fteadfall wpon the
Divell, ftill faying tbe wordis tbryfe ower, till it wes maid. And then, in the Divellis nam,
we did put it in, in the midll of tbe fyre. Efter it had ftiukned^ a litle befor tbe fyre, and quhan it
ves read lyk a coale, we took it owt in the Divellis nam. Till it be broken, it will be tbe deatbe of
all the meall children that the Laird of Park will ewer get. Caft it ower an Kirk, it will not brak
qubill '" it be broken with an aix, or fom fucb lyk thing, be a man's handis. If it be not broken, it
will laft an bundreth yeir. It bes ane cradle about it of clay, to preferue it from fkaith;" and it wes
roften each vtber day, at the fyr ; fom tymes on pairt of it, fora tymes an vtber pairt of it ; it void be a litle
wat with water, and then roften. The bairn void be brunt and roften, ewin as it ves by ws. It vanted
' Sow, ' Hares' livers. ' John Hay of Park. ' Belonged to Brodie of Letbin. ' Sighing ;
lamentation. ^ The rest was probably omitted in writing down the Confession, as being blasphemous. ' It
is writtin meall in the other Confession ; and the metre (such as it is) requires this liberty. Moiold signifies
' earth' or ' dust." 'Stubble. ' Parched j shrivelled. '"Until. " Harm ; injury.

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