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efpeciallie he lies no fliame with him at all. He wold lye and hawe carnall dealling with all, at euerie
tyni, as he pleafed. He wold haw carnall dealling with ws in the lliape of a deir or any vtlier Ihap
that lie wold be in. We wold never refufe him. lie wold com to my hows-top in the lliape of a
crow, or lyk a deir, or in any vther Ihap, now and then. I wold ken his woice, at the firfl heiring of
it, and wold goe furtli to him and haw carnall cowpulatioun with him. The youngeft and Iwfliert.
women will haw werie great pleal'our in their carnall cowpnlatioun with him, yea much mor than with
their awin hufliandis; and tlii'V will haw a exceiding great defir of it with him, als much as he can haw
to them, and mor ; and never think Iliame of it. lie is abler for ws that way than any man can he
(Alace I that I fould compair him to ane man !) onlie he ves heavie lyk a malt-leck ; a hudg nature,
verie cold, as yce.
He wold feud me now and then to Aulderne fom earandis to my neightbouris, in the ihape of ane
hair. I wes on morning, abowt the break of day, going to Aulderne in the iliap of ane hair, and Palrik
Papleyis ferwandis, in Kilhill, being goeing to ther labouring, his houndis being with them, ran efter
me, being in the Ihape of an haire. 1 ran werie long, bot wes forcet, being wearie, at laft to take my
own hous. The dore being left open, I ran in behind an chill, and the houndis followed in ; bot they
went to the vther fyd of the chill ; and I was forcet to run furth agaue, and wan into an vther hows,
and thair took leafour to fay,
' Hair, hair, God fend the cair !
I am in a hearis liknes now,
Bot I fall be an voman ewin now !
Hair, hair, God fend the cair !'
And fo I returned to my owin fliap, as I am at this inftant, again. The dowgis will fom tymes get
fom byttis ' of vs, quhan ve ar in hairis,'^ bot will not get ws killed. Quhan ve turn owt of a hairis
liknes to owr awin iliap, we will haw the byttis, and rywis, and fcrattis^ in owr bodies. Quhan we
void be in the Ihap of cattis, we did nothing but cry and wraw,^ and rywing, and as it ver, wirrieing on
an vther ; and quhan ve com to owr awin lliapes again, ve will find the fcrattis and rywes on our fkins,
werie for. Quhan on of vs or mor ar in the fhap of catis, and meitt with ony vtheris owr neightbouris,
we will fay,
And immediatlie they will turne in the Ihape of an catt, and goe with ws. Quhen we wilbe in the ihap
of Crowes, we will be larger than ordinar crowes, and will fitt wpon brenches of treis. We went in
the fliape of rewkis^ to Mr Robert Donaldjhnes hows, the Divell, and Johne Taylor, and his wyfF,
went in at the kitchen chimney, and went down wpon the crowk.^ It wes about Lumhes^ in anno
1659 ; they opened an vindow, and (we) went all in to the hows, and gott beiffe and drink thair ; bot
did no more harme. — We went in to the Dowme-hillis ; the hill opened, and we cam to an fair and
lairge braw rowme, in the day tym, Thair ar great bullis rowtting and ftoylling ther, at the entrie,
quhilk feared me.''
Bot that qubieh troubles my confcience mofl, is the killing of feverall perfones, with the arrowes
quhich I gott from the Divell. The firfl woman that I killed wes at the Pleioyh-landis ; alfo I killed
an^ in the Eafl oi Murrey, at Candlmas^" laft. At that tyme Beffie Wiljbn, in Alderne, killed on
thair ; and Margaret JFi//b?i, ther, killed an vther ; I killed alfo James Dick in Canniecavill : Rot the
death that I am moft of all forrie for, is the killing of William Sower, in the 3Iiltowne of Moynes ;
Margaret Brodie killed an voman, walhing, at the ISurne of Tarres ; liejjie Wilfone killed an man at
the Bujlie of Strutheris ; Beffie Hay in Aulderne killed an prettie man called Dmihar, at the Eift
* Bites. * In the shape of hares. ^ Tears and scratches. ' Caterwaul, like cats. * Rooks.
' The crooh, on which the ' kail-pot' hangs, over the fire. ' Lammas, the 1st day of August. ° Alai-med,
frightened me. .See her Confession, Apr. 13, 1662, page 604. ° Ajie; one. '° The purification of the
hlcssed Virgin Mary, Feh. 2d.

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