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[ftedfaillie fixed wpon] the Divell ; and faid the forfaidig wordis tliryfe ower to the Divell,
ftriktlie, againft Maifter Harie Forbes [his recowering from the faid feikues.] In the night tym we
cam in to Mr Harie Forbes chalmer, quhair lie lay, ivith owr handis all fmeared [
out] of the bagg to fwing it wpon Mr Harie, quhair he wes feik in his bed ; and in the day tyrae
t ane of owr] nwmber, quho wes moft familiar and intimat with him, to wring or
fwing the bagg [wpon the faid Mr Harie, as we could] not prevaill in the night tym againll him ;
quhilk wes accordinglie done. Any of [ ] comes in to your howffes, or ar fet to
doo yow evill, they will look vncowth lyk, thrawn [ ] hurlie lyk, and thair
clothes flanding owt. The Maiden of owr Coven, Jean Mairten, wes [
We] doe no great mater without owt Maiden.
And if a child be forfpoken,' we tak the cradle [ ] throw it
thryfe,^ and than a dowg^ throw it ; and then ihakis the belt abow the fyre [ and
then caft. it] downe on the ground, till a dowg or catt goe ower it, that the feiknes may com [ . . .
wpon the dowg or] catt.
All quhilkis wer fwa fpokin furth of the mouth of the faid Issobell Gowdie, 8ic.*
[ludorfed] Ed", 10 July, 1662. Confidered and found relevant be the Justice Depute.
' Tak cair of this peaper. See the Juflice deputis judgement of it. Show this to the Commiffioneris.'
Haveing read and confidered the Confessions of Isobel Gowdie, within contened, as particu-
larlie Sathan, Renunciation of Baptifm, with diverfe malefices, I find that a CommilTion may be verie
jufllie pafs, for hir lall Tryall. (Sic fubfcribiter) A. Coluille, (Juftice-depute.)
(3.) Issobell Gowdies third Confession.
At Aulderne, the fyftein day of May, 1662 yeiris, In prefence of Mafler Harie Forbes,
Minifler of the Gofpell at Auldenie, Mr Hew Rosse, Minifler at Nairn ; Johne Innes of
Edingeith; Hew Hay of Newtoun ; Mr Alex Dunbar, Schoolmaller and Seflion Clerk of
Aulderne ; George Phinney, in Kirkmichaell ; and Johne Weir, and Andrew Eafie in
Aulderne ; and many vtheris, Witnessis to the Confession efter fett down, fpoken furth of
the mouth of Issobell Gowdie, fpous to Johne Gilbert in Lochloy.
The quhilk day, in prefence of me, Johne Innes, Notar Publict, and Witneffes all vnder fubfcry-
wand, the faid Issobell Gowdie, appeiring to be moft penetcnt for hir abominable fmnes of Witch-
craft, moft ingenwoflie procedit in hir Confession therof, in maner efter following ; to witt. Firft, as
I wes goeing betwixt the townis of Drumdewin and the Hcadis, the Divell met with me, and thair
I covenanted with him, and promeifit to meit him, in the night tym, in the Kirk of Aulderne ; quhilk
I did. He ftood in the Readeris daflc, and an blak book in his hand ; quhair I cam befor him, and
renuncet Jesus Christ and my baptifme ; and all betuixt the foale of my foot and the croun of my
head, I gaw frielie wp and ower to the Divell. Margaret Brodie, in Aulderne, held me wp to
the Divell, wntill he re-baptifed me, and marked me in the flioulder, and with his mouth fucked
out my blood at that place, and fpowted it in his hand, and fprinkling it wpon my head and face, he
faid, ' 1 baptife ye, Janet, to my felfl', in my own nam !' Within a whyll therefter we all removed.
And within few dayes he cam to me, in the New Wardis of Injhoch, and tlier haid carnall cowpula-
tioun with me. He wes a werie meikle blak roch man. He will lye als hewie wpon ws, quhan he
lies carnall dealling with ws, lyk an malt-fecke. His memberis ar exceiding gi-eat and long ; no mans
memberis ar fo long and bigg as they ar. He wold be amongft ws lyk a weath horfe amongft mears.
He wold lye with ws in prefence of all the multitud ; neither haid we nor he any kynd of Ihame ; bot
' Bewitched. - This seems to allude to passing the child, &c., thrmigh an enchanted hoop, ring, or belt, a very
common popular charm in those days. ^ Dog. * The same form and subscriptions as in the preceding
Confession, -nith the Notarial Attestation, &c. of John Innes,

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