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that it could litt nothing hot onlie blak, according to the culor of the Divell, in qiihoes nam we took
away the ftrenth of the rycht culouiis that wes in the fatt I
All quhilkis of the premifTes, fwa fpokin and willinglie Confeft and declairit furth of the mowth of
the faid Iffobell, in all and be all thingis as is abow fett downe, I, the faid Johne Innes, Notar Publict,
haw writtine thir prefenttis ; and with the faidis Witnefles abow naniet, in farder teftimonie and wit-
neffing of the premifles to be of weritie, We haw fubfcrywit the faraen with our handis, day, yeir, and
place aboue fpecifeit. Joannes Innes, Notaiius Publicus.'
JIr Haiit Forbes, Minister at Auld Earn, Attestis. W. Dollas of Cantray, Shereff-deput, Attestis.
A. Brodie, witnes to the said Confetione. Hen. Rose, Minister at Nairne, Attestis the forsald
Hew Hay of Newtown, Attestes. Deciaratione, as to tlie principal substantials.
W. Sutherland of Kiusterie, Attestis these Confessionis. George Phinnie, in Kirkmichael, Attestis.
Jo. Weir, in Auiderne, Attestis.
Att Aulderne, the third day of ]May, 1662 yeiris, abowt the howris of two or thrie in the efter-
noone, or therby : In prefence of Master Harie Forbes, &c.*
The quhilk day, in prefence of me, Johne Innes, Notar Publict, and Witnefles, all vnder-fubfcry-
wand, the faid Issobell Gowdie, profefling repentance, &c.^ Efter that tym ther void meit hot
fomtymesa Coven, fomtymes mor, fomtymes les ; bot a Grand Meitting void be about the end of ilk
Quarter. Ther is threttein perfones* in ilk Coeven ; and ilk on of vs has an Sprit to wait wpon ws,
quhan ve pleas to call wpon him. I remember not all the Spritis names ; bot thair is on called
' Swein,' quhilk waitis wpon the faid Margret Wilfon in Aulderne ; he is flill ' clothed in grafs-grein ;
and the faid Margret Wilfon hes an niknam called, ' Pikle neirest the wind.' The nixt Sprit
is called ' Rorie,' who waitis wpon Beffie Wilfone, in Aulderne; he is ftill clothed in yallow ; and
bir nikname is ' Throw the corne yaird,' [ ].^ The third Sprit is called ' The
RoRiNc; LYON,' who waitis wpon Iffobell Nicoll, in Lochlow; and [he is ftill clothed] in fea-grein ;
her niknam is ' Bessie Rule.' The fowrth Sprit is called ' Mak Hector,' qwho [waitis wpon
Jean] Martein, dawghter to the faid Marget Wilfon ; he is a yowng-lyk Devill, clothed ftill in grafs-
[green. Jean Martein is] Maiden to the Coven that I am of; and hir nikname is ' Over the
Dyke with it,' becaws the Divill [alwayis takis the] Maiden in his hand nix him, quhan ve
daunce Gillatrypes ;'' and quhan lie void lowp from he and ihe will fay,
' Ower the dyk with it !' The nam of the fyft Sprit is ' Robert the [Rule,' and he is ftill clothed
in] fadd-dun, and feimis to be a Comander of the reft of the Spritis; and he waittis wpon Margret
Brodie, in Aulderne. [The name of the faxt Spirit] is called ' Theiff of Hell wait wpon hir
selfe;' and he waitis alfo on the faid Beflie Wilfon. The name of the fevinth [Sprit is called]
' The Read Reiver;' and he is my owin Spirit, that waittis on my felfe, and is ftill clothed in blak.
The aucht Spirit [is called] ' Robert the Jackis,' ftill clothed in dune, and feimes to be aiged. He
is ane glaiked gowked Spirit ! The woman's [nikname] that he waitis on, is ' Able and stowt !'*
The nynth Spirit is called ' Laing ;' and the woman's nikname that he vaitis wpon is ' Bessie
Bauld.'^ The tenth Spirit is named ' Thomas a Fearie,' &c."' — Ther wilbe many vther DivelUs,
waiting wpon [our] Maister Divell ; bot he is bigger and mor awfull than the reft of the Divellis,
and tbey all reverence him. I will ken them all, on by on, from vtheris, quhan they appeir lyk a man.
' His Latin docquet, with his motto, ' Amor mens CTUcifixus. 1661,' are affixed. It is unnecessary to preserve this,
as it is in common form. ^ As in preceding Deposition. ' The same preamble is repeated, with the account of her
baptism and carnal dealing, &c., in similar terms as in her preceding Confession. * The Deil's dozen. ' Ever ;
always. ' This paper is unluctily very much mutilated at the ends of the lines ; which mutilation commences here.
Where tlie sense can be made out, the words are conjecturally supplied, within brackets ; if not, a small blank is left
in this transcript. ' Probably a dance then popular among the vulgar. ' Viz. Bessie Hay. ' Viz. Elspet Nishie.
'° Issobell, as usual, appears to have been stopped short here by her interrogators, when she touched on such matters.

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