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VV'licn we tak away any cowes milk, we pull tlie tow, and twyn it and plaitt it in the vi-ong way, in
Uie Divellis name ; and we draw the tedder (fua raaid) in betuixt the cowes hinder foot,' and owt betuixt
the cowes forder foot, in the Divellis name ; and therby tak with ws the kowes milk. We tak (lieipg
milk ewin lb. The way to tak or giev bak the milk again, is to cut that tedder. Whan we tak away
the rtrenth of anie perfones call,' and giwes it to an vtlier, we tak a litle qwantitie owt of each barrell
or (land of eall, and puts it in a ftowp, in the Divellis nam ; and, in his nam, with owr awin handis,
puttis it aniongll an vtheris call, and giwes her the ftrenth and fubftance and heall of Iiir neightbouris
eall. And to keip the eall from ws, that" we haue no power of it, is to fanctifie it veill. We get all
this power from the Divell ; and when ve feik it from him, ve call him ' owr Lord 1'
Johiie Tiii/lor and Janet Brendhead, his wyff, in Bellnakeith, Beffie Wiljbne, in Auldeme, and
Mnrgret WHfoiie, fpows to Donald Callam in Aulderne, and I, maid an pictur of clay, to d'Avoy the
Laird of Parhis mealP children. Johns Taylor browght horn the clay, in his plaid newk;' his wyff
brak it verie fmall, lyk meall,^ and lifted it with a fiew,'' and powred in water among it, in the Divellis
nam, and vvought it werie fore, lyk rye-bowt ;' and maid of it a pictur of the Lairdis fones. It haid
all the pairtis and merkis of a child, fuch as held, eyes, nofe, handis, foot, mowth, and litle lippes. It
wanted no mark of a child ; and the handis of it folded down by its fydes. It was lyk a pow,' or a
flain gryce.' We laid the face of it to the fyre, till it ftrakned ;'" and a cleir fyre round abowt it, till
it ves read lyk a cole." After that, we wold roll it now and then; each other day" ther wold be
an piece of it weill roflen. The Laird of Parkis heall niaill children by it ar to fuffer, if it be not
gotten and brokin, als weill as thes that ar borne and dead alreadie. It ves flill putt in and taken out
of the fyre, in the Divellis name. It wes hung wp wpon an knag. It is yet in Johne Taylor's liows,
and it lies a cradle of clay abowt it.| Onlie Johne Taylor and his wyff, Janet Breadhead, Beffie and
Margret Wilfones in Aulderne, and Maryret Brodie, thair, and I, wer onlie at the making of it. All
the multitud of our number of Witches, of all the Coevens, kent'^ all of it, at owr nixt meitting
after it was maid. And the JJlfches yet that ar vntaken, haw thair awin poweris, and owr poweris
quhilk we haid befor we wer takin, both." Bot now I haw no power at all.
Margret Kyllie, in , is on of the vther Coven, Mejlie Hirdall, fpous to Alle.raiider Rofs,
in Lonheid, is on of thaim ; hir fkin is fyrie. Jjjbbell Nicoll, in Lochley, is on of my Coeven. Allex-
ander Elder, in Earlefeat, and Janet Finlay, his fpows, ar of my Coevens. Margret Hajbein, in
Moynes, is on ; Margrat Brodie, in Aulderne, BeJJie and 3Iargrat TVil/bnes, thair, and Jean Marten,
ther, and El/pet Nijhie, fpows to Johne Maihoio, ther, ar of my Coven. The faid Jean Mairten is
Maiden'^ of owr Coven. Johne Yowng, in Mebellowne, is Officer to owr Coeven.
El/pet Chi/shohne and I//bbell More, in Aulderne, 3Iagie Brodie, , and I, went in
to AUexander Cumings litt-hows,"' in Auldeme. I went in, in the likenes of a kea," the faid El/pet
Chifolm wes in the fliape of a catt. Ifobell Mor wes a hair, and 3Iagie Brodie a catt, and '^
We took a threid of each cullor of yairne that wes in the faid AUexander Cuming his litt-fatt,'' and
did caft thrie knots on each threid, in the Divellis name ; and did put the thriedis in the fatt, wither,
fones*" abowt in the fatt, in the Divellis name ; and thairby took the heall flrenth of the fatt away,
'Feet. * Strong ale. 'Male. ' In the nook, or corner, of his plaid, ' Pounded, or powdered
it, like meal. * To make the plaster fine, and free from earthy particles. ' Probably a sort of stir-about,
or hasty-pudding, made of rye-flour. ' In another Deposition it is thus expressed, ' lyk a pmc orfeadge.' A
femlyc was a sort of scone, or roll, of a pretty large size. Perhaps this term signifies, as large as the quantity of dough
or paste necessary for making this kind of bread. ' A flayed sucking pig, after being scalded and scraped. '" Shri-
velled with the heat. " Red like a coal. '* Each alternate day. " Knew. " This is something new
in Witch stories, and lets in additional light on these charms. '^ Each Coven appears to have had an Officer
for the men, and a 3Iaiden for the women ; but whether the province of these personages was to preside over them,
or to act as messengers, to call them together, does not seem so certain. " Dye-house. " Jackdaw.
" This and the preceding spaces are left blank in the Deposition. " Dying-vat. " Witldershins, contrary
to the direction and ordinary course of the sun.

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