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V. Deposition as to the Devil carrying off a Witch in a TVJiirlwind, t^c.
At Dalkeith, the 10 of Junii, 1G61 — The quhilk day, William Scott, Bailiffe, haveing
ordained fome of the neighbours in the toune of Dalkeith to be in redines, the morrow eftir, for
guardeing of Christiaxe Wilsone, a Witch, to Nidrie, to be confronted their by ana vther Witche ;
and Johne Steivin, being one of the number ordained to be in redines, faid to Jexnot Cooke,i that
he wes ' goeing tlie morrow to convoy the laid Christiaxe to Nidrie,' as afoirfaid, and that he wold
goe and inak his gun cleane, for that purpofe ; to the which Jenuot anfweired, ' Will not yow think
it a fport, if the Deivill raife a whirrell of wind, and tak her away from among yow by the gette '
the morrow!' And it fell out, that in palling a burne,^ when they wer nigh Nidrie, their arofe futche
a fudden terapeft of wind, which was like to blow the compagnie off their foot — and it did blow
the faid Chriftiane Wilfone down in the water ....'', fo that for a long tyme they could not gett
her vp againe — it being a faire and calrae day, both befor and efter. Witnesses, Johne Stevin, James
Wilfone, candill maker, Thomas Richardfone, wright, Beflie Waker, Jonett Bruntoun, and James
Blaikie, baxter.^ Johne Stiwene, witnes. James I. W. Wilfones mark.
VI. Deposition of John Kincaid, in Tranent, ' the comon pricker^ as to
Jinding the Devil's mark on Jonet Paijioiin.
Dalkeith, 17 Junij, IGGl The quhilk day, Jonet Paistoun, being dilaitit, as is aforfaid,
the Magistrat and Minister caufed Johne Kinhaid^ in Tranent, the comon pricker, to prik her
— and found tuo marks wpon hir, which lie called the Devill his markis, which apeared indeid to
be fo, for (lioe did nather find the prein^ when it was put into any of the faid markis, nor did they
blood when tliey were takin out again. And quhan Ihoe was afked, ' Quhair flioe tlioght the preins
wer put in ?' Shoe pointed at a pairt of hir body diltant from the place quhair the preins wer put in
— they being preins of thrie inches, or Jiairabout, in lenth. Quhilk Johne Kiitkaid declairis upon his
oath, and verifies by liis fubfcription to be trae. Witnesses Jiairto, Mr W"' Calderwood, Minifler at
Dalkeith, and Williame Scott, Bailee: [Martin Stevinfone and Thomas Calderwood, Elders; Major
Archibald Waddell, Jolme Hunter, David Douglas.
I. K. W. Calderwood, Minifter. Williame Scott, Bailjie.
Martin Stevensone, Elder. Thomas Calderwood, Elder.
VII. Confessions ofljjbhell Goivdie,fpous to John Gilbert, in Lochloij.
(1.) Issobell Gowdies first Confession.
At Aulderne,' the threttein day of Aprill, 1662 yeiris. In presence of Master Harie
Forbes, Minifter of the Gofpell at Aulderne; William Dallas of Cantrey, SherefFe deput
of the fliereffdom of Nairne ; Thomas Dunbar of Graing; Alexander Brodie, Y'' of Leathin;
Alexander Dunbar of Boath ; James Dunbar, appeirant therof ; Henrie Hay of Bright-
manney; Hew Hay of Newtowne ; William Dunbar of Clune ; and David Smith, and
Johne Weir, in Auldem; Witnesses to THE CONFESSION efter fpecifeit, fpokin furth
of the mouth oflssoBELL Goyfvti^, Jpous to Johne Gilbert, in Lochloy.
The quliilk day, in prefeuce of me, Johne Innes, Nolar Publict, and Witneffes abownamet, all
vnder fubfcrywand, the faid Issobell Gowdie, appeiring penetent for hir haynows finnes of Witch-
' Another Confessing Witch. ' By the way. ' Rivulet. ' Obliterated — but it looks like '
' Baker. ° The counterpart of the English Mathew Hopkins, the Witch- Finder, whose villainous impostures
deprived many poor creatures of their wretched existence. ' A long pin, or bodkin, which this fellow used for
pricking. * A Parish and Burgh of Barony in the Shire of Nairn, on the Murray Frith.

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