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peirand, be William Duncane liir fone, and Mv George Ranifay, Modeiatour of tlie Prefljiterie of
Dalkeitli ; Natlianiell Ilarlaw, Mitiiller at Orniefloun ; Mr Patiik Tumour, Minifter at Bortliuik ; and
Mr William Penman, INIinillcr at Creiclitoun ; with fome vtheris of the faid PrilLiterie being perfouallie
prefent, the reafionis and allegationis of the pairteis prefent being iiard and confiderit be the Lordis
of Secrite Connfale, and thay ryplie aduilit thairwith, the Lordis of Setrite Counfale Dischaihgeis
the 3Ihii//cris of the faid PrcJbiUrie of all proceiding aganis tlie faid Gelis Johnnlloun, in the mater
foirfaid, and of all tiiair officeis in that pairt ; and Remittis the faid Geillis to be pcrfewit and tryit,
outlier before the Jullicc-CJenerall and his deputis, or before the Lord of the Regalitie of Dunferm-
ling, as accordis of the Law; but' preiudice alwyfe to the faid PrefliitericXo vfe all ordiuar and
lauchfull meanis, quhairby thay may get tryall, be vtheris, of the faid GeUs Johiiiijtoun Iiir practiceis
and dealing in the faid cryme of Witchcraft ; and to gif informatioun thairof to the faid Jullice Generall
and his deputis, or to the Lord of the Regalitie of Duufermling and his deputis, before quhome juftice
falbe minidrat, couforme to the lawis of this realme.
IV. CoxFESsiox ofJonet Jfdffo/ie ; and Not'ices relative to Chriftiane WUjone
and Jouet Paijhini, all ace// fed of' JF/tcl/craJt, J//nc \GQ\.'
JoNET Watsone confeiTed, that in Apryle lafl bypafl, or tliairby, Ihoe being at the buriell of the
Lady Didhoujtc,^ ther was ane rix-dollar given to Jean Biigliane, to be pairted among a certain
number of poore folks, wlierof Ihoe was one. And the faid Jean Bughane did run away with the
faid money, fo that fchoe gott no pairt of it. And fchoe come home to hir awne houfe, being verrie
grieved and angrie at it, wilhed to have a mendfe of Jean Bughane. Vpone the which the Deivill
apeired vnto her, in the liknes of ane prettie hoy., in grein clotlies ; and aiked, ' What aild her? And
what amendfe Ihoe wold have, he iliould give her.' And at that tyme the Deivil gaivo liir liis markis ;
and went away from lier in the liknes of ane hlak doiig : — And conllantlie, for three dayis thairefter,
ther was a great bee come to her ; and vpone ane morning, when Ihoe Vi'as cheinging her fchirt, it did
fit down vpone her flioulder, ((hoe being naked,) wher llioe had one of the markis.
As alfo, about the tyme of the lall Baille-ftyre night, Ilioe was at a Meitting in Neictoiin-dein
with THE Deavill, who had grei7i cloatiies vpone him, and ane blak hatt vpone his head; wher fchoe
denyd Chrift, and took her felf to be the fervant of the Deivill. Wherfor Ihoe acknoweledged
that fchoe was, from lier heart, forrowfuU for the doeing of it. And likewife, lie then gave her a new
name, and called her ' Weill-dancing Jenot' — and promifed her money at the nixt Meitting.
And alfo, that vpone ane vther night, the Deivill was verie heavie vpon her in her bed. As
alfo, fchoe confelfed that Beffie Moffit, ElJpetJi Gralwine, and Jenot Mikvljolin come to her houfe, and
tooke her away to that Meating ; when they all danced togither : At which tyme, when fchoe renunced
her baptifme, the Deivill laid his hand vpon her head, and bad her ' give all ower to him that was
vnder his hand,' and (hoe did fo. Quhilk haill premifles flioe confefl'ed, in prefens of the vnder
fubfcryvers, without compulfione.
W. Calderwood, (Minifter of Dalkeith,) Williame Scott, (Bailie of Dalkeith.)
And. Macmillone, witnes. Rob^ Hardie, witnes. Joiine Foord, witnes.
Henrie Wilsone, witnes. Ja. Calderwood, witnes. Alex. A : D Dicksones mark.
William Bryson, witnes. Ja. Vterside, witnes.
' Without. ' Original in MS. Coll. of Sod ly of Antiquaries of Scotland. This Proof was led under a Com-
mission, June 6, 1G61, ' direct be the Kingis Maiestie, with consent of the Estaitis of Parliament,' to Sir William
Murray of Xewtoun, Sir James Richardson of Smeiton, Patrick Scott of Langschaw, Major John Biggar of Wool-
mot, &c. ; who examined a great variety of Witches. Their Confessions, however, are uninteresting and common-
place, with the eiceiition of this and the other Extracts wliich follow. ' Lady Margaret Carnegie, daughter
of David, Earl of Southesk, spouse of Tt'iflt'am, Lord Ramsay, created Earl of Dalhousie, June 29, 1633.

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