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the wyte' of all liir wicul(nef9) ;- wiffing flio had nevir bene borne. — This Depofulon wes renewed,
in all the particulars, by the faid Manie, in the forfaid place, on Sunday the fiill of Julij, 1649, before
Alex'' Levingtoun of Saltcottis, James ^ , , Johne Stalker,
, W" Daliell, and Mr Jo" M'Ghill, minifter at Dirltoun.
M. J. Makghill, Alex. Levingtone, wilnes ; J. Borthuik, James Lauder,
JoHNNE Stalker, W. Daliel, Williame Daliell, Walter Marshall.
Jul. 2, at Hadintoun. Whilk day, the Presbiterie, having red and confidered the former.
Depositions and Confession of 3Ianie Haliburton, flfind the famyne a fufBcient ground for futing''
the Judge competent to grant a Comraiflion for trying and judging her according to Law.
J. Stirling, CK
III. Act of Puivy Council ancnt GeiUis JohmiJioim,fitfpected of the crime
of Witchcraft.'
Anent our fouerane lordis Letteris, reafit at the inllauce of Gelis Johnnstoitn, relict of vmquhill
Johnne Duncane in Muflilburgh, makand mentioun. That quhair fome malitious perfonis, hir vnfreindi«i,
haueing dilaitit her to the Presbiterie of Dalkeith, as a perfon fufpect of Witchcraft, the
faid Prifbiterie hes thairvpone convenit hir before thame, and lies haldin hir in pvoces before them, thir
fevin oulkis* bigane ; albeit it be of veritie, that the faid complenair is ane honneft woman, who hes
levit thir threttie yeiris in the toun of Muflilburgh, in gude fame, credeit, and repulatioun ; and wes
nevir fufpected nor bruted' with ony fuche develifche and detellabill doingis ; and fcho hes at all
tymes prefentit hir felff before the faid Prisbiterie, quhan tliay callit for her felff to tliair tryall-
exaniinationis, and quhatfumeuir forme of procedoure thay pleafit vfe aganis hir : And althocht the
eryme of Witchcraft be ane of the heich pointis of the Croune, proper to be tryit before his Maiefleis
Juflice and his deputis, and quhairin tiie faid Prisbiterie can have no warraud, auctoritie, nor
jurifdictioun to cognofce or determine, neuirtheles, thay continewalie fafche^ the faid complenair with
citationis and fumniondis to conipcir before thame, puipoillie, as appeiris, to bring hir fame, credite,
and reputatioun in queflioun, and to lay vpoun hir this foull and havie fclander of fa deteftable a
cryme, quhairof fcho is mofl innocent ; and gif thay had ony prefumptionis aganis the complenair of
hir guiltynes of the faid cryme, thay fould haue gevin informatioun thairof, outhir^ to the Lord of
Regalitie quhair fcho duellis, before quhome the faid complenair hes fund cautioun to be anfuerable
for this fame deid, quhanevir fcho falbe callit ; or then, to his lieynes Justice Generall and his
deputis ; and fould have concurrit, be thair informatioun, to the perfute of hir, and fould not haue vfit
fucha a prepofterous forme of pioceiding before thame felffis, quhich can produce na kynd of fentence
nor determinatioun. In refpect quhairof, the Ministeris of the faid Prisbiterie aucht and fould
be difchargit of all proceiding aganis the faid complenair, in the mater above vpiittin, for tlie cauflis
foirfaidis. And anent the charge gevin to Mr Andro Blakhall, Minifter at lunerelk; Mr Patrik
Turnour, Minifter at Borthuik ; Mr William Penman, Minifter at Creichtoun ; Nathaniell Ilarlaw,
Minifter at Ormeftoun ; Mr Alexander Ambroife, Minifter at Newbotle ; Mr Johne Nymbill, Minifter
at Craiiftoun ; and Mr George Ranifay, Minifter at Lefl\vaid ; all Ministeris of the Presbiterie
OF Dalkeith, being convenit for the tyme within the Kirk of Dalkeith, to haue compeirit be ane or
tua of thair number, fufficientlie inftructit, for the reft, before the Lordis of Secrite Counsale,
this prefent day, to haue hard and fene thame difchairgit of all proceiding aganis the faid complenar
in the mater foirfaid, and of thair ofEceis in that pairt : Lyke as, at mair lenth is contenit in the faidia
Letteris, executiounis, and indorfationis thairof. Quhilkis being callit, and the faid perfewar com-
' Blame. ' Wickedness. ' Obliterated. ' Suiting ; petitioning. ^ Acta Secreii ConsiKi,
General Register House, Edinburgh. ^ Weeks. 'Reported. 'Trouble. O. Ft, fascher. "Either.

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