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nations of Eui-ope, they will by many be deemed, in some measure at least, of
historical importance ; although at same time, it must be confessed, they afford
a kunentable exhibition of the human mind, at its lowest ebb of degradation.]
I. Depositiox o/*.7o//w Khicaid {Witch-Jhider),^ rehttke to the Devil's mark
found on Patrilc IFatJbn and Manie Ilcdichurton:^
At Dirltox, ^ of 5eins. The qiiliilk day, in prefence of All(exan)(ler Leving-
tone of (Salt)coitis, James Borthuik, Ciialraerlane of Diilton, Joline Stalker, bail^ie thair, James
Foil-man, Drem, Mr James Achefonn, in North Beruik, and Williame DaHell, notar, Patrik
(\Vat)sox, in Wert Fentoun, and Mexie Hallvburtox, his fpous, bruited and long fufpect (of)
Witchcraft, of thair awne fre-will, vncompellit, heiring that I, Johne Kiitcaid, viider fubfcryvand, wes
in the toune of Dirltojie, and had forae fkill and dexteritie in trying of the Divellis inarke, in the
perfonis of fuch as wer fufpect to be Witches, came to the Broadhall, in the Cajiell of Dirlton, and
defyrit me, the faid Jo. Kincaid, to vfe my tryall of tharae, as I had done on vtheris ; vvhilk when I
had done, I fand the DivcUis niarke vpon tlie bakfyde of fe faid Patrik Watsox, a little wnder the
point of his left (houlder, and vpon the left fydc of the faid ;\rEXiE Hai.liburtox hir neck, a little
aboue hir left flionlder ; whairof thay war not fenfible, nether came furth Jiairof any bloode, efter I had
tryed the fanien als exactlie as euer I did any vtliers. This I tertifie to be of veritie, vpone my cre-
dite and confcience. In witnes quhairof, I have fubfcryvit thir prefentis with my hand, day and place
foirfaid, befoir thir witneffis aboue fpecifeit.
(Sic fubfcribilur.) J. K. Alex. Levixgtone, witnefs. Ja. Borthuike, witnes.
JoHxxE Stalker, witnes. James Formax, witnes. M. J.
Achesoxe, witnes. W. Daliell, witnes.
(Indorfed.) Teftificat of J(ohnne Kincaid,) finding the witches mark vpone Manie Haliburtouae.
II. Confession oJ" Manie Halihuiion}
At Dirltoux, the ^ of 16-19. In prefence of Johne (Stalker) bailiie of Dirlton,
James Levington, thair, Jo" in Lawliill, tiiair, James Speir, Richard Ferguflbn, Wa. Hanady,
and Wa. Daliell. Compeirit Manie Halliburton, prifoner within the Cct/fdl of Dirlton, fufpect
of the cryme of Witchcraft, dilaited gniltie be Agnes Clerksox, lait fuffenar for the faid cryme, as
alfo be Patrik Watsoxe, fpous to the faid Menie, who lykevyfe fufl'erit thairfoir; and confeflit,
that auchtein yeir fyne, or thairby, hir dochtir being feik, fcho firft fent for Patrik Cryflijbne in
Abirladie, to cum and cure hir dochter, and he refuifing, went hirfelft" for him, who reful'ed to cure
hir; and within •> dayis thairefter came the devill, in licknes of a man, to hir hous, calling
himfelff a philition, and laid to hir, that he had goode falves (and namelie oylifpek") whairn'ith he
wold cure hir dochtir; and aggrieing with him for fome of his falves, quhilk he gave hir, Iho gave him
tno Inglis (hillingis : He than depairted, and promifed to come agane within eight dayes, whilk
accordinglie he did ; bot or* he went away the firft tyme, llie gave him milk and breade ; and Patrik
Watjoiie comeing in, he fent for a pynt of Ale : Bot at the fecond comeing, he rtayit all night, and
vpone the morne airlie (^Patrik being furth) in came the Divell and lay doun with hir, (ftho being
3it in bed,) and had camall copulatioun with hir, his nature being cold : He defyreit hir to renunce
Chrill and hir haptifme, and become his fervand ; quhilk fcho did : And fayes, that hir dochter had
' From Original, in General Register Plouse, Edinburgh. ^ He is elsewhere designed * the commoun pricker.'
' Obliterated in Orig. • From Orig. Gen. Register House. * Obliterated. ^ Left blank in Oi'ig.
' Oil of spike or spikenard. * Kre ; before.

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