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poiit liim. Quliaiimto the Vice-Clianrcllour 5eil(lit. Bot the deponpr being efdiamed to go tlirougli
the Colledges to collect the fame, he leliauit only t'oure or fyve puiid Sterling, and fpendit it as he
gat it ; quhairas, gif lie had renauit all tliat wald half beene gevin, in caice he had tane panes to go
throuche the Colledges to half collectit it; or yf he had gottin ony viaticum frome his Ma"J=, he
wald noclit half writtin tliir Theses, bot wold liaif gone to France.
Grantis alfo, that lie regraited the vnkynd deilling of the Scottis Courtiouris towardis liim, to Sir
Harie Schaveill, Principall of Eittin Colledge, befyde Wyndfoir ; bot denyis, vpone his gritt aithe,
that he impairted his purpois to wryte the Theses, outlier' to the Vice-Chancellour or to him.
Demandit, be whole advyfe he wrait tbir Theses? Or, yf he had conference with ony perfone
thairanont ? Depones, vpoiie his grit oathe, that lie had no advyle, counlall, nor iiiformatioun gevin to
him in that matter ; bot being at Greenwitche, a littill eftir he went to Oxfurd, he addrell him felff
to one of the Kingis Chaiplaines, quho is a heiche^ tall man, and was walking in Grenewitche Hall
for )ie tyme. His name he knowis nocht. And he intreited the Chaiplane to tell the Kingis IMa^'k,
that he was borne away ; and that he had long waited on, without ony help or fuppoirt ; and that he
was now drevin to grit povertie ; and that he wald pray God for the weilfair of his Ma'"'^ and his
childrene — bot, for his cuntriemen, the Courtiouris, qulia had bene fo vnthaukful vnto him, he fould
rather be lyk Martins Coriolanus vnto tliam, nor ' Themillocles.
Grantis alfua, that afoir his palling to Oxfurd, he forgaderit with on Johnne Line, Scottifman, a
taillour, duelland in Titler lireit ; and that he tauld him, that wer not for ]ie refpect and reuerance
that he cayreid to his Ma"^, he was halflingis myndit (yf he gat nocht fome fuppoirt to carye him
to France) to fett vp fome Theses, aither in Oxfurde or in France, againlt the Scottis Courtioures, and
that it was goode for the King to fend fome of thame away. And the deponer defyret Johnne Line
to acquent the Kingis Ma"'^ heirwith, be Petitioun ; and he craved Johnne Lynes advyce, how he
micht efihew the wryting of thefe Theses ; bot Johnne Lyn had no advyce in the matter. And fayis,
vpone his grit oathe, that he nevir reveillit forder of this matter to ony perfone, bot fo far as he hes
Cflnfeft, concerning the Chaiplane and Johnne Lyn. And denyis, vpone his oathe, that evir he gave
out or difperfit ony coppeis of tliir Theses.
Demandit, yf at ony tyme eftir he had meditat vpone the wryting of the Theses, and afoir his
affixing of the fame, he communicat the matter to ony perfones, or fcliew ])e Theses vnto thame?
Depones, that he only reveillit the matter to his oifl'' in Oxfurd, callit Johnne Ewing, taillour, and
to his wyffe, in this maner, to wit, that he was going to wryte fomething quhairof the haill fcoUeris of
Oxfurd wald fchortlie get knowlege, and wald heir of it ; thairfoir, let me be quyet a quhyle, and lett
no man truble me. And this was xxiiij houres afoir fe affixing of the Theses.
Demandit, how it was knowne that he had writtin and affixt the Theses ? Depones, that the Vice-
Chancellour knew his hand-writt, and fend for the deponer within a quarter of ane hour eftir the
affixing of the fame, and aftit of the deponer, ' Gif he had writtin thame ?' Quhilk the deponer grantit.
Quhairvpone the Vice-Chancellour fend him prifoner to the Caftell of Oxfurde ; quhair he was llraitlie
keipit ten dayis ; till thre Scottifmenne of the Gaird war fend to bringe him to Courte. Denyis that,
during his abode in Oxfurde Callell, he had fpeiche with ony perfones anent this matter, bot^ with his
keipparis and vtheris prilfoneris ; quho afkit of him, the caufe quhairfoir he was wairdit ? To quhome
he anfuerit, becaus he had writtin fome littill thing aganis his cuntrie-men, the Courtioures, advyfeing
THE King to fend fome of thame liame.
. Depones, that quhen he come to Courte, he was putt in a Inne, befyde Charing Croce, quhair he
flayed thre nychtis and two dayis ; and that he was examinat be the Duke of Lennox,'' the Marqueis
' Either. * High. ^ Than. * Host ; landlord. ^ Unless ; except. ^ Ludovick, second Duke of
Lennox, who had held some of the highest honours in Scotland. He was Great Chamberlain, Lord High .Admiral,
and Lord High Commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland, IC07. The Duke of Lennox was successively created
Earl of Richmond, (Oct. (i, IG13,) Earl of Newcastle and Duke of Richmond, (May 17, 1623,) Master of the
Household, first Gentleman of the King's Bedchamber, and one of the Knights Companions of the Order of the
Garter. He died P'eb. 16, 1624-, cstat 50, without being survived by any of the issue of either of his three marriages.

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