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[XIV. Maitland Counsale to his Son ;
P., p. 275; M. CL, p. 19.]
[The laird of Lethingtounis Counsale to his
Sone]1 beand in the court.
[p.'ip] My sone in court gif thow pleisis remane
This my counsale in to thy mynd inprent
In thy speiking luik pat thow be nocht vane
Behald and heir and to thy tung tak2 tent
Be no lear or ellis thow art schent 5
found the on treuth gif thow wald weill betyde
To gouerne all and reule be nocht our bent
He reulis weill p<2t weill in court can gyde
Be nocht ane scornar nor fein^eit flatterar
Nor ^it ane roundar of Inuentit tails 10
Off it thow heiris be nocht ane clatterar
ffall nocht in plie for thing pat lytill valis
Haue nocht to do wzt/z vther mennis falis
ffra wickit men pow draw the far on syde
Thow art ane fule gif thow with fulis dalis 15
He reulis weill pat weill in court can gyde
Be war quhamto thy counsale thow reveile
Sum may seim trew and ^it dissemblit be
Be of thy promeift and conditioun leill
Waist nocht thy gude in prodigalitie 20
1 Cut away ; suppliedfrom the Quarto. A new hand begins here.
2 Interlined.

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