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In lak/i’ and stryppis and bonettw off steill
Thair laiggz> war cheng^eit to the heill
fraward was thair affeir
Su;« wpone vpaim -with brands beft 40
Sum lagget wpair to the heft
•with knyff/ir that scherpe culd scheir
[p. 14] (Nixt in the dance followit Invy)1
(All full)2 off feid and fellony
Hid malyce and dispyt 45
(For)2 prevay hattrent the tratowr trywmilit
hym followet mony freik dissimilit
Wz't/z fen^et vordA and quhyt
And flatterarA in to mewnis faces
and bakbytarA in secreit pieces 50
to le pat had delyte
and still rownerA off falft lesingA
allece pat court off noble kingA
Off pame can neu^r be quyte
Nyxt efter him com cowatyce 55
Ruit off all ewill and ground off wyce
That neu^r cowthe be ^wztent
CatyffA wretches & okkararA
HudpykA hurdarA & gadderarA
all wzt/6 pat virlo vent 60
Out off pair throttA pai schot on vdd^r
off meltyne gold mair pane a fidd^r
as fyr flaucht most fervent
aye as thay temit paiw off schot
ffeynd hid paiw wp new to pe throt 65
WYt/i: gold off alkyne pre«t
1 Cut away ; text from the Reidpeth copy.
2 Faded; R. has All full and For.

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