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[X. Dunbar Of the Vyct of
Tresoune; S.T.S., p. 190.]
I n wyce most vitiuft he excell^
That â– with pe wyce off tresoune melhj
Thocht he remissione
Hawe for prodicione
schame and suspecione 5
wzt/z him duelh'-r
And he euer odiuft as ane ovll
The fait so terribill is and fovll
horribill to nature
Is ane trato«r 10
Ane feynd In fratozzr
wnder ane cowll
Quhar Is ane tretowr or ane theiff
wpone him selff ryzznes the mischeiff
his fraudfull vyllA 15
him selff begyllA
as in pe yllA
Is now ane preiff
The faill strang tratozzr Donald owar
mair falset hes pane vpair fowr 20
Round ylis and seis
[p. 12] In his supleis
On galow treis
Now he dois glowr
falset no feit hes nor defence 25
Be puir practik nor piscence
Thocht it fra lycht
be smorit wzt/z slycht
god schawes the ryc/tt
wit/ic soir vengence

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