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Quhairfoir &\ier at pesche and 311II
I cry him lord off eum; full 50
That in this regeone duell/V
and verralie pat war gryt Ryt7/t
for off ane hy renowned kny^t
he wanttw no thing hot bell/j
Quod dumbar
[III. Dunbar Of the Changes
of Lyfe ; S.T.S., p. 232.]
I seik about pis varld vnstabille
To find ane sentence coTzuewabille
Bot I can nochx. in all my wit
Sa trew ane sentence fynd off it
as say it is dessaveabille 5
ffor yesterday I did declair
quhow pat the sessione1 soft and fair
Com In als fresche as pako fedder
This day it stang/j lyk ane edder
Concluding all In my contrair 10
^isterday fair wp sprang the fiourts
This day thai ar all slane wit/t schonm
And fowllA in forrest pat sang cleir
Now walkis wfL^ a drery cheir
full caild ar bait/i pair beddA and bo«rA 15
(So nixt to summer winter bein)2
[p. 6] nixt efter confort cairis kein
nixt dirk medny^/zt pe mirthefull morrow
nixt efter loy aye cuznis sorrow
Sa Is this varld and ay lies bein 20
Quod dumbar
1 Deleted, and seasoun written on margin.
2 This line is ctit away ; the text is from the Reidpeth MS.

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