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XXIX. Arbuthnot A general Lament ... 49
O wrachit weird O fals feinjeit fortoun.
XXX. Arbuthnot The World changed . . -55
Religioun now Is raknit as ane fabill.
XXXI. Maitland The Folye of ane auld Man . . 61
Amang folyis ane grit folye I find.
XXXII. Dunbar This Nycht in my Sleip ... 62
Dremand me thocht that I did heir.
XXXIII. Dunbar The twa Cummeris .... 64
Airlie on als wodnisday.
XXXIV. Anon. Of Ladies Bewties . . . .66
Off ladies bewties to declair.
XXXV. Anon. The Dumb Wife .... 69
Quhan wthair wyfes war glaid.
XXXVI. Dunbar & Kennedy The Flyting . . .71
Schir lohne the ros thair Is ane thing compylit.
XXXVII. Dunbar The Goldin Targe .... 89
Richt as the sterne of day begouth to schyne.
XXXVIII. Dunbar The Twa Mariit Wemen and the
Wedo ....... 98
Apon the midsummer ewin mirriest of nichtis.
XXXIX. Anon. De Regimine Principum . . .115
Richt as all stringis ar cupillit in ane harpe.
XL. Wyntoun The Duke of Orleans’ defence of
the Scots . . . . . .125
Ane thousand Jeir thre hundreth nyntye and ane.
XLI. D. Steel The Ring of the Roy Robert . . 127
In to the ring of the roy Robert.
XLII. Anon. The Freiris of Berwik . . . • 133
As it befell and hapnit vpon deid.

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