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I. Dunbar Meditatioun in Wyntir . . . ■ i
[In to thir dirk and drublie dayis. ]
II. Dunbar Of Sir Thomas Norray . . . 2
Now lythis off ane gentill knycht.
III. Dunbar Of the Changes of Lyfe .... 4
I seik about this varld vnstabille.
IV. Dunbar The Rule of Covatyce .... 5
Fredome honour and nobilnes.
V. Dunbar Quhen mony Benefices vakit ... 6
Schir at this fest off benefyce.
VI. Dunbar Aganis the Solistaris in Court ... 7
Be diuers wyis and operatiounes.
VII. Dunbar To the King ...... 8
Of benefyce sir at euery feist.
VIII. Dunbar Lerning vain without Guid Lyfe . . 9
To speik off science craft or sapience.
IX. Dunbar Complaint aganis Mure . . . .10
Schir I complane off Iniuris.
X. Dunbar Of the Vyce of Tresoune . . . 1 x
In wyce most vitius he excellis.
XI. Dunbar The Dance of the Sevin Deidly Synnis . 12
Of feberjeir the fyftein nycht.
XII. Dunbar Complaint to the King . . . • I7
Complane I wald wist I quhome till.

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