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This volume contains the complete text of the Maitland
Folio Manuscript, one of the treasures of the Pepysian
Library in Magdalene College, Cambridge. A full de¬
scription of the manuscript will be given in the second
volume, together with textual notes and other relevant
matter. In the meantime the following points should
be noted by those who wish to make any close study
of the texts.
The various distinct portions of which the manuscript
consists are indicated by dividing lines in the list of
Contents, and by footnotes which record changes in the
handwriting. It should be particularly observed that
pp. 2-18 (in the numbering of the Folio itself) and 339-342
are fragments of an earlier manuscript containing poems
by Dunbar, while pp. 67-68 are a single stray leaf from
some other source. The Folio proper thus begins with
p. 19, and consists of two main portions, one of which
(pp. 41-264) has been bound up within the other (pp. ig-40
and 265-338).
For the most part, the text has been printed without
other change than the expansion of contractions, and all
cases of altered or doubtful readings are duly recorded.
Words or lines which are now too faded to be read with

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