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With oritioun or offerand, 2345
Kneland with cap in to thare hand,
No difference bene, I say to the,
Frome the Gentilis Idolatrye.
€1 Rycht so, of diners nationis
I reid abominationis, 2350
Quhow Grekis maid thare deuotioun haill
To Mars, to saif thame in battaill.
Tyll lupiter sum tuke thare vayage,
To saif thame frome the stormys rage ;
Sum prayit to Uenus, from the splene, 2355
That thay thare luffis mycht obtene ;
And sum to luno, for ryches,
Thare pylgramage thay wald addres.
C So doith our commoun populare,
Quhilk war to lang for tyll declare 2360
Thare superstitious pylgramageis
To mony diuers Imageis.
Sum to sanct Roche, with deligence.
To saif thame from the pestilence ;
[H 16] For thare teith, to sanct Apollene ; 2365
To sanct Tredwell, to mend thare eine :
Sum maids offrande to sanct Eloye,
That he thare hors may weill conuoye ;
Thay ryn, quhen thay half lowellis tynte,
To seik sanct Syith, or euer thay stynte ; 2370
And to sanct Germane, to get remeid
For maladeis in to thare heid.
Thay bryng mad men, on fuit and horsse,
And byndis thame to sanct Mongose crosse ;
To sanct Barbara thay cry full faste, 2375
To saif thame frome the thonder blaste ;
For gude nouellis, as I heir tell,
Sum talus thare gait to Gabrieli ;
Sum wyffis sanct Margret doith exhort
In to thare byrth thame to support ; 2380
To sanct Anthony, to saif the soow ;
To sanct Bryde, to keip calf and koow ;

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