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Tit. 12.
Of contribution for the lichtning of ane
schip pilot fie and uther chances.
And euin sa for the lightning of ane schip/ skatt
man be bot in this maner/the twa part upoun thegudis/
and the thrid upon the schip gif sho be full/ except
that notwithstanding any lightning/ the schip is na
waies able to enter into the port/ in quhilke caise
onely the schip sail pay for the lightning : (1) Or 1. c. 13 oion.
except that it be agreeit in the Charterparty to deliuer
the gudis freelye at the port quhairin lichtning is
requirit/ for thair condicioun makis law (2) as said 2. 1.1. § quod
is/ quhair it is to be obseruit/ that giff in the lichtning conueillt <iep08•
of an schip/ the gear that is lowsit and put in an
lighter perish by the way/ the schip and rest of gudds
sal skatt to the upset thairof/ as though castin had
bene because this is also done for saifty of Schip and
guds. Bot on the contrarie/ giff it happin the Schip
and rest of guds to perisch/ and the lichter and gear
put thairin onely to be saif/ na contributioun sail be
set upon the gear in the boat/ bot it sal freely apper-
teine to the awners thairof/ because it is a constant
rule in thir caises of casting and lichtning that skatt
suld onely be maid quhen schip and guds for quhais
saifty castin and lichtning wes maid come saife to
the port. (3) Item contributioun aucht to be common s. 1. nauis 4
ouer Schip and guds for Pilotfie in ane unknawin port, ad 1 rhod.
(4) & contributioun man be maid for the releiffing 4. c. 31 oion.
of the Schippe af ground/ sa that na faut be found
with the maister in that chance. (5) This also is to be 6. c 30 oion.
mar kit/ that giff of ane sort of gear/ as Salt/ Corne/
&c layd into ane schip in heap be many partners
without seperatioun/ the maister deliuer to ane of
thame his measure/ and befoir the rest can receave

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