Book investigating - step 3 - Inscriptions Challenge

Here are some more inscriptions from books in the Library's collection. What do they tell you about who owned them? See if you can guess what sort of person owned each book. Click on the button next to each one to find out if you guessed correctly

From - Du Bellay, Guillaume. Instructions sur le faict de la guerre. Paris, 1549. Click to see
From - Arthur, Timothy Shay: A book about boys. London, 1853. Click to see
From -  Sean dain, agus orain Ghaidhealach. Perth. 1786. Click to see
From - Blair, Hugh. An abridgment of Blair's Lectures on rhetoric. Portland, 1826. Click to see
From - Psalterium dauidicum, cum aliquot canticis ecclesiasticis (Psalms). Paris, 1552. Click to see
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