Battle of Falkirk

Title: Battle of Falkirk

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Printed: Bannockburn, 1746
Printer: Unknown printer

The first known item with a Bannockburn imprint is entitled The Battle of Falkirk. The book is a reprint combining two accounts of the battle. One comes from the Caledonian Mercury, Edinburgh, 20 January 1746, the other is dated Falkirk, 17 January 1746.

About the printer

The printer is unknown. He probably had Jacobite leanings and wanted to remain anonymous in the political climate of the time. Bannockburn seems to be a fictitious imprint: this helped to keep the printer's trail cold. It also refers to the place which in 1314 saw the Scots win the last battle against the English.

An imprint is usually on the title page, and indicates who is responsible for producing the item.

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