To his loving brethren

Title: To his loving brethren

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Printed: Stirling, 1571
Printer: Robert Lekprevik

To his loving brethren whome God ones gloriously gathered in the church of Edinburgh is a treatise by Scottish Reformer John Knox. It is a letter to the Scottish Protestants at home and abroad.

About the printer

The book is one of four works known to have been printed by Robert Lekpreuik in Stirling in 1571. Lekpreuik was both a printer and a bookseller. He printed in Edinburgh for 10 years before he established the first printing press in Stirling in 1571. He was in business there for only a year before he moved to St Andrews and then back Edinburgh.

Throughout the 1560s and 1570s his press was by far the most productive in Scotland.

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