Christ our righteousness (1775)

Title: Christ our righteousness (1775)

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Printed: Falkirk, 1766
Printer: Daniel Reid

Christ our righteousness is a sermon by the Rev James Renwick, a 17th-century covenanter and field preacher.

About the printer

The text was printed by Daniel Reid. Reid was also one of the most important printers of chapbooks in 18th-century Scotland. Chapbooks were small booklets, usually with between 8 and 24 pages, printed on coarse paper. They were the main source of news and information for 'common people' in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Reid set up the first printing press in Falkirk in 1766. Although not the earliest product of the Reid press, Christ our righteousness was certainly printed on that press.

Reid was active in Falkirk until 1784, when he moved his printing establishment to Carron.

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