By the Commissioners at Leith

(6) By the Commissioners at Leith

                   BY THE


                   At                    L E I T H.

Oraſmuch as by the bleſsing of the L O R D upon the late proceed-
ings of the Engliſh Nation in their councels, enterpriſes and engage-
ments with Scotland, the Common-Wealth of England hath obtained
lawfull Right and Title to all Dues, Debts, Rents, Royalties and Reve-
nues, what or whereſoever belonging to the late King of Scotland, of
which, a juſt and true accompt is expected from all and every perſon or
perſons concerned in the premiſſes.

Theſe are therefore to require, That within the ſpace of
dayes after publication hereof, in the County of all Fue-
Duties, Rents, Profits and Caſualities within the County aforeſaid, (being ſuch as aſoreſaid, and
immediatly payable to the Exchequer, and which have been uſually ſo paid by the Tennants,
Fuars, or Subtennants, from whom the ſame are due) be for time to come, brought in, and ten-
dred to the Commiſsioners in Leith.

And for aſmuch as the Petty-lmpoſts of the reſpective Counties and Towns of this Nation,
have been Farmed out to divers Perſons ; Theſe are therefore to require all ſuch Perſons, Colle-
ctors, or Farmorers of the aforeſaid Peny-Impoſts, with all convenient ſpeed, to bring in what is
preſently remaining in their hands; And ſuch of them as are willing to hold the ſame, as former-
ly, ſhall (for the ſpace of a year enſuing) be continued in the ſaid Charge, and have power given
them to Collect what ſhall be judged to be juſtly in Arrear.

And if any perſon (after ſuch publication as aforeſaid) ſhall preſume to fail hereof, or be
found to deal deceitfully herein, by denying of concealing any part of that Rent or Duty paiable
as aforeſaid, he ſhall thereby forfeit ſo much as he hath, holds and claimes, by the paiment of ſuch
Rents and Duties. And that the aforeſaid Tennants and Fuars (upon paiment of their reſpe-
ctive Rents and Duties) may receive a full Diſcharge from the Commiſſioners aforeſaid, they
are required to produce ſuch Acquittances or Diſcharges , (as they laſt and formerly received
from the Exchequer) whereof they may not ſail.

And upon the aforeſoid Penalty, all Tennants, Fuars, and Subtennants, who are not bound
(as aforeſaid) to bring in their Rents and Duties to the Exchequer, but to make paiment thereof
to Collectors, Chamberlains, or other Officers within the ſaid County, are required by theſe
preſents, to make paiment of their ſaid Rents and Duties (either preſent, or in arrear) to
Maſter and Maſter being by us appointed

and authorized to Collect the ſame : diſcharging all Chambrerlains, and other Officers for the
late King, from dealing or intermedling therewithall, as heretofore.

Furthermore, We require and charge all other perſons, of the aforeſaid County, indebted
to the late King,upon any Accompt whatſoevcr, to make paiment thereof to the aforeſaid Par-
ties, within ſuch reaſonable time as they ſhall ſee cauſe to ſet.

Laſtly, all Chamberlains, Collectors, and other Officers, being of, or for the ſaid County,
and concerned in the premiſſes, as accountable and indebted for what they have received and
uplifted (or for any part thereof remaining in their hands) are hereby charged and required to
accompt and make paiment thereof to the Parties above-named ; which is accordingly to be
performed upon pain of forfeiting the double value.
Given under our hands this firſt of March 1651.

                       Prined at Leith by Evan l yler. 1651.

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(1) By the Commissioners at Leith
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DescriptionItems from the first printing press set up in a particular Scottish town or village between 1508 and 1800. May be the first item printed on that press or a later product from the same press that is more important. Includes the first book printed in Scotland, dated 4 April 1508.
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