This search facility

Use this facility to search the complete text of this publication for specific words or phrases. After a search, pages with 'hits' are listed at the foot of the left-hand panel. By clicking on these, you will bring up in the right-hand panel a facsimile of the page with your 'hits' highlighted. If you wish to give more space to the facsimile, you can click on the divider between the two panels and push it in either direction.

Please note that these books have been OCRd (scanned with Optical Character Recognition software) to make them electronically searchable. OCR is not always 100% accurate, but each page is also reproduced here as an exact image of the original publication to mimimize any confusion.

How to search

The search will default to 'All words' with 'Stemming' selected.

Searches are case-insensitive, so you may search for, eg, 'prince Charles edward stuart' or 'Prince Charles Edward Stuart'

All words or Any words search

Simply enter a list of words or phrases to find.

You can indicate a phrase here by using quotation marks
(eg "Jacobite Memoirs")

Required words: use a + sign before any required word or phrase
(eg "Jacobite Memoirs" + prince)

Excluded words: use a - sign before any word or phrase to be excluded
(eg "Jacobite Memoirs" + prince - Charles)

It is important to ensure that there is a space before and after the + and - symbols.


All words: Prince "Jacobite Memoirs"
All words must be present, and 'Jacobite' and 'Memoirs' must be together

Any words: Prince "Jacobite Memoirs"
'Prince' or 'Jacobite Memoirs' must be present; some pages will return just 'Jacobite Memoirs', some just 'Prince', some 'Prince' and 'Jacobite Memoirs'

Either All or Any words: "Jacobite Memoirs"
'Jacobite Memoirs' must be present, and together

Exact phrase search

Jacobite Memoirs
This will return only pages that have 'Jacobite' and 'Memoirs' together.

Boolean search

Connectors indicate the relationship between words or phrases in your search request.


Prince AND Charles
Both words must be present (though not necessarily together)

Prince OR Charles
Either word can be present

Prince NOT Charles
Prince must be present, but Charles must not

Prince w/5 Charles
Prince must occur within 5 words of Charles

NOT w/1
Prince NOT w/5 Charles
Prince must not occur within 5 words of Charles

If you use more than one connector, you should use parentheses to indicate precisely what you want to search for. For example:

Prince AND Charles OR Jacobite
could mean '(Prince AND Charles) OR Jacobite', or it could mean Prince AND (Charles OR Jacobite)'.

Noise words, such as if and the, are ignored in searches.


Stemming extends a search to cover grammatical variations on a word. For example, a search for 'prince' would also find 'princes'. A search for 'apply' would also find 'applying' and 'applied'.

Sort order

relevance = number of hits on a page
page number = in ascending page number order

Special characters

Search terms may include the following special characters:

?         Matches any single character.
Example: 'princ?' matches 'princi' or 'prince' (but not 'princes').

*         Matches any number of characters.
Example: 'princ*' matches 'principle' as well as 'prince', 'princes' etc

~         Stemming.
Example: 'princ~' matches 'prince', 'princes', 'principle' (etc).

Use of the * character near the beginning of a word will slow searches somewhat.

Punctuation inside a search word is treated as a space. Thus, 'can't' would be treated as a phrase consisting of two words: 'can' and 't'. '1843(c)(8)(ii)' would become '1843 c 8 ii' (four words).