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Laugh When You Can

Playbill advertising a performance of Laugh When You Can at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh

Title:   Laugh When You Can

The Maid of the Oaks (Subperformance)
The Fairies' Dance, from Cherry and Fair Star (Subperformance)
The Actress of all Work (Subperformance)
Beneficiary:   Mr Jones
Performer:   Miss Lacy
Author of 'Cherry and Fair Star':   Countess Marie Catherine d’Aulnoy

Location:   Theatre Royal, Shakespere Square, Edinburgh

Date of performance:   15 May 1824

Notes:   Mrs Stanley takes on the role of six characters in a performance called 'The Actress of all Work', and also speaks the epilogue. There are times when one suspects that some of the details on the playbills may be humorous rather than factual.

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