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(663) Explanatory remarks

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(663) Explanatory remarks -
The Scale of the Parish Plans is the 1-2500th of the actual length on
the ground, and is equal to SS’odd inches to a mile, which is very ap¬
proximately equal to one square inch to one acre, the square of 1‘0018 inch
being equal to one acre.
The length of each sheet is miles, and the width 1 mile, the area of
each sheet is therefore 960 acres.
Each enclosure has a reference number to the area which is given in this
The Braces ( /) on the plans are to indicate that the spaces so braced are
included under the same reference number.
The Altitudes in feet above the Mean Level of the Sea are written thus—
The Scale of the Plans of the County is 6 inches to a mile, and each sheet
SDntains the. same area as 16 sheets of the Parish Plans. There is therefore
a double reference number to each sheet, as YI. 9., the Homan Numerals
referring to the County Plans, the Arabic Figures to the Parish Plans.
The following are the characters employed on the Ordnance Plans on the
Scales of 1-2500, and 6 inches to a mile:—
County Names
Extra Parochial
Hundreds or Wards .
Division of Townships
Antiquities 1 ^BruiMral ox Ssocotx
The descriptions of the boundaries are shewn by the following initials:—
Centre of Stream
Centre of Hoad
Side of Stream or Drain S. S
Root of Pledge
Face of Wall
Undefined ....
.. C. S.
. . C. R.
or S. D.
. .R. H.
. . F. W.
Centre of Fence
Top of Cop ....
Centre of Wall
Track of Stream
.. C. F.
.. t. a
.. a if.
.. J)ef.
. . T. S.
Where a change occurs in the boundaries, the symbol [o—o] is used to shew
the part at which the change takes place.

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