Affline activities

If ye dinnae hae access tae a computer or tablet or jist wint tae hae some fun the auld-farrant wey wi pincils an crayons, doonload an print aff these sheets an share thaim wi yer pals.

Doonload all affline activities - Zip file (29mb)

Oor Wullie Wordsearch

Oor Wullie's wirdsearch

Find the Scots wird. Mind that the wird micht need tae be read diagonally an it micht be spelled backwards tae.
Doonload 'Oor Wullie's wirdsearch' PDF (438kb, 1 page)

Oor Wullie Braw Draw

Braw draw

Draw Oor Wullie an his pals than fill the speech bubbles wi Scots wirds. Yaise the glossary or doonload the Scots wird leets tae help ye get stertit.
Doonload 'Braw draw' PDF (766kb, 2 page)

Oor Wullie Flash Cards

Test yer pals: flash cairds

Print aff an cut oot flash cairds. Get yer freen tae guess the Scots wirds and yaise thaim in sentences an stories.
Doonload 'Flash cairds' PDF (546kb, 2 page)

Oor Wullie Auchentogle Bugle

Mak an 'Auchentogle Bugle' edition

Print aff this template tae create yer ain edition o Oor Wullie's hametoon paper, 'The Auchentogle Bugle'.
Doonload 'Auchentogle Bugle' PDF (546kb, 1 page)

Oor Wullie colour in Wullie

Colour in Wullie and his pals

See if ye can colour this picture o me and my pals. Mind noo and dinnae colour mah neck broon or Ma'll think it's dirty and mak me go and wash it – again.
Doonload 'Colour in Wullie and his pals' PDF (1.2mb, 2 page)

Oor Wullie Where's Oor Wullie

Whaur's Oor Wullie

See if ye can find Oor Wullie in among the crowd.
Doonload 'Whaur's Oor Wullie' PDF (2.3mb, 2 page)

Oor Wullie Heid, Shooders, Knees an Taes

Heid, shooders, knees an taes

Cut oot Oor Wullie an pin the richt Scots wirds tae his boadie.
Doonload 'Heid, shooders, knees and taes' PDF (2.3mb, 2 pages)