Comic maker

Comic strips were the airlie versions o graphic novels. Oor Wullie wis yin o the maist popular comic strips in Scotland whan he first appeared in 'The Sunday Post' way back in 1936, an guess whit, he still is!

Noo hae a go an mak yer ain comic strip story by draggin the Scots wirds or phrases at the bottom an drappin thaim intae the boxes. Mind, yer story has tae mak sense, so choose the richt order!

Oor Wullie on his bike
Oor  Wullie - bike hits a stone
Oor Wullie falls in a puddle
Oor Wullie and PC Murdoch
Oor Wullie stands dripping wet
Oor Wullie eats fish and chips
Doon ma breeks I cannae hear ya! Crime disnae pay Crivvens! Crivvens! Glub! Glub! Halt ye week toerag! Hit a muckle stane This is no sae bad Yum, troot n puckle chips Ye silly laddie Somethin is lowpin in my semmit! Watter cauld Michty, a troot
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