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(26) C8 verso - D1 recto (Page 48-49)

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(26) C8 verso - D1 recto (Page 48-49) -
48 The Fabillis

Hir hufe I likkin to the thocht of deid.
Will thow remember, man, that thow man de,
Thow may brek sensualiteis heid,
And fleschlie lust away fra the sall fle,
Fra thow begin thy mynd to mortifie.
Salomonis saying thow may persaif heirin,
Think on thy end, thow sall not glaidlie sin.

This tod I likkin to temptationis,
Beirand to mynd mony thochtis vane,

That daylie sagis men of religiounis
Cryand to thame cum to the warld agane
Zit gif thay se sensualitie neir slane,
And suddand deith with ithand panis sore,
Thay go abak, and temptis thame no moir.

O mary myld mediatour of mercy meik
Sitt doun before thy sone celestiall.
For ws synnaris his celsitude beseik,
Vs to defend fra pane and perrellis all.
And help vs vp vnto that heuinlie hall,
In gloir, quhair we may se the face of God.
And thus endis the talking of the tod.


The taill of the scheip and the doig

Esope ane taill puttis in memorie,
How that ane doig, because that he wes pure,
Callit ane scheip vnto the consistorie,
Ane certane breid fra him for to recure.
Ane fraudfull volff wes iuge that tyme, and bure,

Off Esope. 49

Authoritie, and iurisdictioun.
And on the scheip send furth ane strait summoun.

For by the vse, and cours, and commoun style,
On this maner maid his citatioun.
I maister volff partles off fraud and gyle,
Vnder the panis off hie suspensioun,
Off grit cursing and interdictioun,
Schir scheip, I charge the, straitly to compeir,
And answer to ane doig befoir me heir.

Schir corbie rauin wes maid apparitour,
Quha pykit had full mony scheipis ee.
The charge hes tane, and on the letteris bure,
Summonit the scheip befoir the volff, that he,
Peremptourlie within the dayis thre,
Compeir vnder the panis in this bill,
To heir quhat perrie doig will say the till.

This summondis maid befoir witnes anew,
The rauin as to his office weill effeird,
Indorsat hes the write, and on he flew.
The selie scheip durst lay na mouth on eird,
Till he befoir the awfull iuge appeird.
The oure off cause, quhilk that the iuge vsit than
Quhen hesperus to schaw his face began.

The foxe wes clerk, and noter in the cause.
The gled, the graip vp at the bar couth stand,
As aduocatis expert in to the lawis,

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