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(21) [ C3v-C4 recto (Page 38-39) ] -
38 The Fabillis

Vpon this hill to hald ane parliament.
Straitlie thairfoir I gif commandement,
For to compeir befoir my tribunall,
Vnder all pane, and perrell that may fall.

The morrow come, and phebus with his bemis,
Consumit had the mistie cluddis gray.
The ground wes grene, and as the gold it glemis,
With gresis growand gudelie, grit and gay.
The spyce thay spred to spring on euerilk spray.
The lark, the maueis, and the merll, full hie.
Sweitlie can sing trippand fra tre to tre.

Thre leopardis come a croun off massie gold
Beirand thay brocht vnto that hillis hicht,
With iaspis ionit, and royall rubeis rold,
And mony diueris dyamontis dicht,

With pollis proud ane palzeoun doun thay picht.
And in that throne, thair sat ane wild lyoun,
In rob royall, with sceptour, swerd, and croun.

Efter the tennour off the cry befoir,
That gais on fut all beistis in the eird,
As thay commandit wer withoutin moir,
Befoir thair lord the lyoun thay appeird.
And quhat thay wer to me as lowrence leird.
I sall reheirs ane part off euerilk kynd,
Als fer as now occurris to my mynd.

The minotaur, ane monster meruelous,

Off Esope 39

Bellerophont that beist of bastardrie.
The warwolff, and the pegase perillous,
Transformit be assent of sorcerie.
The linx the tiger full off tiranie:
The elephant: and eik the dromedarie:
The cameill with his cran nek furth can carie.

The leopard, as I haif tauld beforne,
The anteloip: the sparth furth couth speid:
The peyntit pantheir: and the vnicorne:
The rayndeir ran throw reueir, rone, and reid.
The iolie ionet, and the gentill steid:
The asse: the mule: the hors of euerilk kynd,
The da: the ra: the hornit hart: the hynd.

The bull: the beir: the bugill: and the bair:
The wodwys: vildcat: and the wild wolfyne:
The hardbakkit hurcheoun: and the hirpland hair:
Baith otter and aip: and pennit porcupyne.
The gukit gait: the selie scheip the swyne:
The bauer bakon and the balterand brok:
The fowmart, with the fyber furth can flok.

The gay grewhound, the slewthound furth can slyde,
With doggis all diuers and different.
The rattoun ran, the glebard furth can glyde.
The quhrynand quhitret, with the quhasill went,
The feitho that hes furrit mony fent.
The mertrik: with the cunning: and the con:

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