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The taill of the cok, and the iasp

Ane cok sum tyme with feddram fresch and gay
Richt cant and crous albeit he was bot pure,
Fleu furth vpon ane dunghill sone be day,
To get his dennar set was al his cure.
Scraipand amang the as be auenture,
He fand ane iolie iasp, richt precious,
Wes castin furth in sweping of the hous.

As damisellis wantoun, and insolent,
That fane wald play, and on the streit be sene,
To swoping of the hous thay tak na tent.

Off Esope 7

Quhat be thairin swa that the flure be clene
Iowellis ar tint, as oftymis hes bene sene,
Vpon the flure, and swopit furth anone.
Peraduenture, sa wes the samin stone.

Sa meruelland vpon the stane, quod he
O gentill iasp: o riche and nobill thing:
thocht I the find, thow ganis not for me,
Thow art ane iouell for ane lord or king.
It wer pietie thow suld in this mydding,
Be buryit thus amang this muke and mold,
And thow so fair, and worth sa mekill gold,

It is pietie I suld the find, for quhy,
Thy grit vertew, nor zit thy cullour cleir,
I may nouther extoll, nor magnify:
And thow to me may mak bot lyttill cheir,
To grit lordis thocht thow be leif, and deir,
I lufe fer better thing of les auaill,
As draf, or corne, to fill my tume intraill.

I had leuer ga skraip heir with my naillis,
Amangis this mow, and luke my lifys fude
As draf, or corne, small wormis, or snaillis,
Or ony meit wald do my stomok gude:
Than of iaspis ane mekill multitude.
And thow agane, vpon the samin wyis,
May me as now for thyne auaill dispyis.

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