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The taillis contentit in this
Present buke.
The taill of the cok, and the iasp.
The tail of the uponlandis mous & the burges mous.
The taill of Schir Chantecleir, and the fox.
The taill how the foxe, maid his confessioun to
Freir Volf Vaitskaith.
The taill of the soe and air of the forsaid fox, cal-
lit father war. Alswa the parliament of fourfuttit
Beistis, haldin be the Lyoun.
The taill of the scheip and the doig.
The taill of the lyoun, and the mous.
The preiching of the swallow.
The taill of the volf, that gat the nekherinc, throw
The wrinkis of the fox, that begylit the catgear.
The taill of the fox that begylit the volf, with
The schaddow of the mone.
The taill of the volf, and the wedder.
The taill of the volf, and the lamb.
The taill of the paddok, and the mous.

The prolog.
Thocht feinzeit fabils of ald poetre,
Be not al grunded vpon truth zit than,
Thair polite termes of sweit rhetore
Richt plesand ar vnto the eir of man,
And als the caus quhy thay first began,
Wes to repreif the of thi misleuing,
O man be figure of ane vther thing.

In lyke maner as throw a bustious eird,
Swa it be laubourit with grit diligence
Springis the flouris, and the corne abreird,
Hailsum and gude to mannis sustenence.
Sa springis thair ane morall sweit sentence,
Oute of the subtell dyte of poetry:
To gude purpois quha culd it weill apply.

The nuttis schell thocht it be hard, and teuch,
Haldis the kirnell, sueit and delectabill.
Sa lyis thair ane doctrine wyse aneuch,
And full of frute, vnder ane fenzeit fabill.
And clerkis sayis, it is richt profitabill,
amangis ernist to ming ane merie sport,
To blyth the spreit, and gar the tyme be schort.

For as we se ane bow that is ay bent,
Worthis vnsmart, and dullis on the string,

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