Sunset Song Quines past and present

Lewis Grassic Gibbon's novel 'Sunset Song' was first published in 1932. It tells the story of a young woman, Chris Guthrie, growing up on a farm in the fictional estate of Kinraddie in the north east of Scotland. The story takes place at a time of major change for rural life in the early part of the 20th century.

Watercolour illustration of Chris Guthrie at standing stones
'... the old stones rose up around her silently, not old when you thought of the Standing Stones of Blawearie brae but old enough for all that.'

Listen to broadcaster and musician Frieda Morrison talk about what 'Sunset Song' means to her.
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This resource looks at the themes of identity, the role of women, and society through the prism of the novel's heroine, Chris Guthrie. It features responses from modern quines who carry on Chris' indomitable spirit and resilience through their work and lives today. It also includes items from the author’s archive and a link to the entire published work of Lewis Grassic Gibbon digitised by the National Library of Scotland.