Plague in Scotland : Impact

The impact of plague outbreaks on society was devastating. Apart from the high number of victims they claimed, they affected common people such as craftsmen, small merchants or labourers much worse than the well-off. The latter often took the opportunity to leave the crowded towns where contagion was high and escaped to their country estates, where they could wait out the end of an outbreak.

Medical Botany by William Woodville contains descriptions of medical plants with coloured plates.
'Medical Botany by William Woodville' contains descriptions with of medical plants with coloured plates.

Those who had to remain not only had to cope with the high risks of contagion, but to keep society functioning with a workforce weakened by the disease. Once an outbreak was over, wages for the remaining, much diminished working population rose exponentially, but of course food and other provisions became more expensive with fewer people working the land too.