Forth road bridge
Forth road bridge

Living memory

The link to the past is ever present in Scotland’s coastal communities whether that’s through sea and landscapes, physical surroundings or in people’s memories of time and place. To discover and hear people’s stories is an important and vital way for us to connect to Scotland’s intangible cultural heritage even as we continue to add to it with our own memories and stories.

These three contributions from retired fishermen provide a living link to the past and present, enriching our knowledge of and connection to the places they describe.

We would love to include more contributions on this page so if you have memories of a coastal location that is special to you and you’d like to share it with us please follow the instructions below.

B’ fhìor thoil leinn barrachd rudan a chur suas air an duilleig seo is mar sin, ma tha cuimhne agaibh air àiteachan air a’ chosta a tha sònraichte dhuibh agus ma tha sibh airson a cho-roinn leinn, leanaibh an stiùireadh gu h-ìosal.

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